Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fashion for Life & a Redux in Second Life

After months of preparation and weeks of building the 9 sims of Fashion for Life are finally open. If I could stop staring at the amazing look of the place I might get some shopping done. :)

Harper Beresford and an amazing team of builders, designers, and scripters have created a relatively low lag shopping heaven for a great cause.

The list of vendors is lengthy - but spread over 9 sims nothing feels overcrowded. Many of your favourite designers are here and many new ones you will want to add to your fashion landmarks.

When you need a break you should go visit the rebirth of Dyna Fleur on MICA (The Meta Institute for Computational Physics). Imagine walking through a kaleidoscope with a soundscape by Dizzy Banjo! You'll feel reinvigorated and ready to return to shopping. :)

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