Monday, May 16, 2011

Tornadoes, Guillotines and Strange Creatures in Second Life

Museum of Amazing Illusions & Magic (general)

I saw this photo by Justum of a tornado tossing around an art gallery and decided to go see what was happening.  What I found was Enchantment Island, one of the quirkiest places I've visited inworld.

To begin with I wandered around the Museum of Amazing Illusions & Magic.  I won't show you what happened when I turned into a snake or lost my head, but this remembrance of my encounter with a guillotine might give some idea of the wonders that await you in this storehouse of illusions.  I applauded myself for remaining calm throughout this trauma.

Museum of Amazing Illusions & Magic (general)

This is one of those locations on the grid that is very difficult to summarize - it is full of  a range of different "exhibits" and themes.  Surrealism competes with fantasy, a haunted house sits next to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.  There are all sorts of vignettes positioned around the sim and something for almost any taste.

I, of course, went to check out the aptly named Tornado Gallery.  Luckily, or unluckily, I arrived to find it having already been struck by the storm.  There was some debris strewn about but I picked my way carefully through the devastation to the building now lying on its side.

Tornado Gallery (general)

The Gallery itself is impressive - even when it's been upended.  I noticed a few merry-go-rounds on the island but the one in front of this building is by Bryn Oh.  You must know that it does not offer you the typical horses most of these rides provide.  More of her work is on display inside and are for sale. 

There are other artists, including machinamists, represented in this building.  I'm very impressed that the structure is accessible and intact even after the giant windstorm.

Tornado Gallery (general)

This island is a lot of fun to explore but there's a hint of bloodthirstiness that you'll encounter here and there.  I suspect I didn't find all of the traps waiting for the unwary.  The occasional hint of menace aside, the talents of many builders, artists and scripters are represented and it is well worth a visit.  It will be easier and more effective for you to experience many of the illusions and tricks if you turn off your ao and remove a lot of your attachments.  

I plan to go back once they've recovered from the big storm, maybe another will strike. :)

PS.  Please remember I need your help with my SL8B project.  I'll mow your lawn!

Tornado Gallery (general)

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