Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thinis is a Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic "Paradise" in Second Life

Thinis (adult)

I met Djehan Kidd a few weeks ago on the site of her newest build and, because the official opening day is tomorrow, it's time to share this extraordinary creation with you.

Thinis is a Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Role Playing sim for Adults - a perfect setting for those acting as  dehumanized, oppressed and fearful individuals to express themselves.   Gang and faction applications are now being accepted.  If I was going to do Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Role Playing this is where I'd want to be.

Thinis (adult)

I wish my photos could accurately convey the beauty of the textures and atmosphere Djehan has used.  Even if you don't wish to Role Play in this fantasy you must go visit.  A great build should be experienced by us all - well all of us who have access to Adult sites that is.  :)

Thinis (adult)

On a personal note, I had figured out that relogging 3 times solved my problems with teleporting and seeing names.  The really good news is that the latest update to V2 has made that unnecessary!  Now people on my friends list will stop asking me if I'm using a bungie cord in the mornings.

For the first time in a long time I had an unsolicited proposition while I was exploring Thinis.  Received an im, from somebody not on the sim, inviting me to spend some "special time" with them.  I was amused at first and politely declined then realized at the end of the conversation she thought I was a man.  Either that or she was referring to some male deity.   Just in case I guess I'll have to redo my profile pic.  :)

Thinis (adult)

Please don't forget I need your help with my SL8B project.  Try not to tag more than one photo in each category though.  :)  I'll rescue you from the roaming gangs!

Thinis (adult)


Caliburn Susanto said...

Yeah, the whole three regions (Thinis, Wotcha, & Atcha) basically add up to a couple of city blocks of bombed out skyscrapers, covered over by post-nuclear winter skies.

Interesting textures. It looks like an illustration from a graphic novel (painted, not life-like).

I posted a HiRez pic:

Honour McMillan said...

I was going to mention the group of sims but couldn't decide if I should. :)
I love your photos!

qpop said...

only one! oh dear... you mean I have to choose?

/me goes and untags everything...

Honour McMillan said...

Don't untag everything! But if you can keep it to one per category that would be good :)

I love your photos - I know it will be hard to choose!

Amanda Shinji said...

I visited these sims on the back of this review and I have to say, I was sorely disappointed. I thought the whole thing was poorly textured, badly lit, shambolically thrown together and the massive sculpts were phantom, so I kept sinking into them. When I read about these sims, I feared that the plans myself and my partner have for our own dystopian RP sim were scuppered, but frankly having visited, I don't think we have anything to fear. This isn't sour grapes, I really am totally underwhelmed with the sim experience there.