Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This is not your Mother's Mexico in Second Life

Ciudad de Mexico (moderate)

I don't know what images spring to mind for you when you hear Ciudad de Mexico but, unless you've already visited, they won't be anything like what the creators have built in Second Life.  I was somewhat prepared because Caliburn Susanto had linked to a set of photographs he took.  They were so good and so intriguing I had to go explore.  I owe him big time!

The City is bright, compex and a great mixture of the future and past.  There are streets to walk, shops to spend all your Lindens and gorgeous buildings.  But this Ciudad has a secret.

Ciudad de Mexico Underground (moderate)

There is a second City beneath it.  A huge, cavernous space where the "old" is not only preserved it is as alive and vibrant in its own way as the metal and glass metropolis above.

To get some idea just how large this underground space is you have to look for the pale grey dot in the centre of the photo above.  That's me appreciating the monument in the main square.

Ciudad de Mexico Underground (moderate)

The entire build covers two sims.  There are a seemingly endless number of doorways and tunnels and ramps that take you to new wonders and unexpected corners of both Cities. 

Cal became convinced there was some type of role play going on and there well may be.  It's certainly a great location for it.  But I couldn't find any of the usual backstories or rules and suspect that it's intended to give us a glimpse of the creator's vision of both the past and the future of someplace he or she loves.  Whatever the intent this is a fabulous destination.

Mexico Distrito Federal Underground (moderate)

For those looking for a new romantic location you must go visit the underground of Mexico Distrito Federal.  There is a palace of sorts with a lush garden that was being enjoyed by multiple couples while I was there.  To add to the intrigue of the whole thing there are many futuristic touches in this underground eden - don't expect anything to be simple or straightforward.  It's as if aliens saw photographs of Mexico and recreated it with their own touches.

I've been back a few times in the past two days and noticed some additions this morning.  I think they're getting ready for Cinqo de Mayo.  This is a perfect time for you to go celebrate the magical possibilities of the grid.  Get out of your sky box, take some time away from that hunt and go explore these two marvelous visions.  I'm in awe.

Ciudad de Mexico Underground (moderate)


Unknown said...

looks amazing. I will have to check it out for some picturesque backdrops.

Honour McMillan said...

take lots of film *grin*

Brinda said...

Hmm... No it doesn't look like any portion of mexico I've seen, I live just 2 kms north of Playa de Tijuana Mexico, have spent time in both Mexico (the common Mexican name for Distrito Federal), La Paz, and Puebla.
But it is a welcome change from much of what we see on the grid today, thank you.

Honour McMillan said...

Think of it as a Mexico in some parallel universe. :)