Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Riot of Purple, Fungus & Snails in Second Life

Fungus (moderate)

I landed in a meadow of purple grass and immediately checked my windlight settings.  But no, this colour is the natural shade of Fungus.  Adorable wonky shops, snails and mushrooms are set in a landscape exploding with violet, mauve, aubergine and any other shade of purple you can think of.

Fungus (moderate)

The owner/builder of this marvel is Ross Myhre and he offers you the Snail Trail Quest as an inducement to explore.  This is a fun and strange place.  The shops are ready to rent and, honestly, this is a great location for all of those quirky and creative retailers who seem stuck in malls.  It is certainly a much more interesting place for shoppers.

Fungus (moderate)

On a personal note, and totally off topic, when I first read his name it made me think of Russ Meyer who would have loved Second Life.  Not just because of the big (and now bouncy) breasts but because he would have had a riot making films in here.

I don't know if Ross is as obsessed with mammary glands, and it's none of my business, however he obviously likes purple and manages to use it in a fabulous, charming and appealing build.  Go visit Fungus.  It will make you smile. :)

Fungus (moderate)

Since I'm making personal notes here I'll add two more.  First please remember I need your help with my SL8B project.  Photos are starting to be added and I'm thrilled!  Just make sure you add your tag to the 'tag field" not the title.  If I find them I can make sure the tags are added but I'm concerned that I might miss some!  For those who haven't yet submitted their photos - what if I promise you a mushroom omelet?

Finally let me say that this week I had one of those experiences that make you fall in love with Second Life all over again.  I won't give away too much information - there will be a full reveal in the future - but let me tease you with this shot.  I hope you all  take advantage of every opportunity you can that is offered by the grid and your fellow residents to enjoy the wonder and sheer fun that happens every day somewhere inworld.

Don't Mess With Elvis

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