Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Babbage is Steampunk Heaven in Second Life

Wheatstone Waterways (moderate)

If you've followed my adventures for any amount of time you know I love great complex builds, Steampunk, beautiful textures, Community and humour.  All of the things that make me happy can be found in the 10 sim group known collectively as New Babbage. As always, my photos don't do it justice - you really have to go visit to appreciate just how fantastic this place is.

Babbage Square (moderate)

I met the Mayor of New Babbage as I played tourist this morning.  The charming Mosseveno Tenk and his companion Arnold were gracious enough to chat with me and give me some important links.  One of things they shared is that the Community always has something special going on - at the moment it has fallen whole heartedly in support of Relay for Life, including painting the sims purple.  In some cases you'll find an entire building has changed colour - in others you must check out the roof tops to find it.  :)

Babbage Square (moderate)

The details on these sims are exquisite and plentiful.  There was more to see than I had time this morning and, trust me, I must have taken 50 photos in just the short time I did have.   I still get a thrill when I see fabulous flying machines and gears and steam.  The fact that we get to experience this type of fantasy is truly one of the best things about the grid.

Interior of Flying Submarine

You need to explore New Babbage and you should check out both their Podcast Website as well as their YouTube Channel.

I'm going to leave you with one of their videos just to give you a taste of the talent and humour living in New Babbage.  Don't forget though that I need your help with my SL8B project - I'm going to nag you til it launches so you might as well just give in now.  :)

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