Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Help Me or I'll Shoot This Second Life Asset Server!

Crie Style (moderate)

Please excuse my shouting, and the threats, but I typically have very boring Blog Post Titles and I really wanted you to look at this one.  I need your help with my SL8B project!  I mentioned this yesterday and now that I've proven to myself I can handle the technical aspects I'm formally inviting/requesting/begging you to assist.  I'll even throw in some pretty pictures in the hope that it will keep you reading.  :)

It has always seemed to me that the answer to the question "What is Second Life" is, once you get past the techie bits, a very personal answer.  A portrait of this world is really the aggregation of all of our individual "lives".  My plan is to try and create this "portrait" and exhibit it in June.  I'm hoping you'll make this possible by participating and by inviting all of your friends, acquaintances and enemies across the grid to do the same.  I'm also hoping we can include as many of the cultures/communities/languages etc., of the grid as possible.

Think about what your Second Life is to you and then take a photograph of it.  You have from now til June 15th to do the thinking, the photography and the submission.  You may already have a picture that you want to use.  If you really can't narrow it down to one, there are multiple categories available for different aspects of your "Life".

Crie Style (moderate)
I've created a page which captures the following information you will need to participate.  The link is near the top on the right hand side and it will stay there until SL8B is over.  The steps are as follows:
  1. Take your photograph and save it directly to your hard drive.  Please remember that the pictures must satisfy the requirements of the General Maturity Rating.  I won't be able to use them if they don't.
  2. Create your Koinup account if you don't have one already.  (Note: it's free and it's easy)
  3. Upload your photo. (choose Upload from the top menu bar, then Second Life, then Pictures)
  4. Name and tag your photo.  Click on "Save Batch" and you're done. Your picture, your user name and the name of your photo will appear inworld when I have the exhibit set up.
If you can't profile your Second Life with just one photo you can add a picture to more than one category.  Each of your contributions can only have one tag.  The tag should be chosen from the following options (in bold) and must be spelled correctly with no spaces:

    • SL8PAvatar   (avatar)
    • SL8PHome  (home)
    • SL8PCommmunity   (Community)
    • SL8PFriends  (friends)
    • SL8PMusic  (music)
    • SL8PDancing  (dancing)
    • SL8PArt  (art)
    • SL8PTheatre  (theatre)
    • SL8PLiterature  (literature)
    • SL8PEntertainment  (entertainment)
    • SL8PLandscape  (landscape)
    • SL8PLocation  (location)
    • SL8PFashion  (fashion)
    • SL8PRolePlaying  (role playing)
    • SL8PBuilding  (building)
    • SL8PLearning  (learning)
    • SL8PTeaching (teaching)
    • SL8PGames   (games)
    • SL8PDiscussion (discussion)
    • SL8PCommerce  (commerce)
    • SL8PCollaboration  (collaboration)
    • SL8PCreation (creation)
    • SL8PAbility  (ability)
    • SL8PSupport  (support)
    • SL8PSport   (sport)
    • SL8PVehicles  (vehicles, including boats and flying machines)
 I've probably missed categories - please let me know and I'll make sure I add to the list.  You can always change your tags if you decide to move your photo into a different category.

Crie Style (moderate)

Some answers to those pesky Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why photographs and not machinima?  This project is intended to include all SL'ers who wish to participate.  We all have cameras - not everybody has the knowledge or means to do machinima.
  2. Do I have to have PhotoShop?  No - you don't need any photo editing software.  If you really want to play with your picture you can but the original image you've taken is more than acceptable.
  3. Why Koinup?  Because it has the functionality I need to make the project work.  :)
  4. When do I have to submit my photo?  It should be uploaded by June 15th.  After that I can't guarantee your contribution will form part of the exhibit.
  5. What if I want to do something that doesn't meet the General Maturity Rating?  Then I can't use your photo.
I hope this is clear and I hope you'll contribute your Second Life photos.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what everybody does.  :)


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