Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big Hearts & Tiny Avatars in Second Life

Raglan Shire (general)

One of,  if not the most cohesive Communities in Second Life is Raglan Shire. Filled with joy and warmth and laughter (at least on my part, these are some of the funniest people you will ever meet) and Tiny residents who are talented, friendly and very active.

I hadn't visited the Shire in a long time but yesterday I ran into Chaffro Schoonmaker at the Month of Machinima event and I thought it was time to go back.  It's a good thing I did because I was reminded that their Artwalk begins this Sunday - a great time for you to see the works of talented artists and get to know this fabulous place.  They're already setting up for the event which is why all those green hedge rows appear in the photographs.  Well organized events are one of the hallmarks of this Community!

Raglan Shire (general)

I had assumed one of the tiny versions of myself when I arrived (if you'd like to do the same try starting at Extrovirtual, you'll find something you just have to have)  and decided to start by taking the paper airplane tour that lifts off from the Welcome Centre.  I'm sure you'll manage to fit even if you're over 6 feet tall but keep your elbows tucked in!

One of the first things you understand shortly after starting your visit is that life happens on more than one level in the Shire - don't just stay on the ground.  There is a whole world in the trees and, although they sway, those suspended walkways are safe.

Part way through the tour my airplane was hijacked by Chaffro.  Not only did this adorable rabbit agree to stand still for a photograph, he sent out a call to others innocently carrying out their everyday activities in the region.

Chaffro Schoonmaker & friends

Within minutes I had 11 Tinies arrayed before me in their Silicon Cubicle (other parts of the grid have sandboxes) happily willing to be photographed.  The problem of course is that I'm terrible at portraits and certainly don't have the skills to capture the magic of these wonderful avatars.  They were patient with me but it is now my mission to figure out a way to do a series of individual portraits that actually represent them well.

My sincere thanks go out to (in no particular order):
  • Chaffro Schoonmaker
  • Bananarama Republic
  • Fred Flintstone (see?  I remembered!)
  • Professor Tail
  • Druscilla Warhole
  • Supergirl1970 Carver
  • Stormy Dahlstrom
  • Shady Fox
  • Felix Greyhound
  • Bloodsong Termagant
  • Bear Silvershade
I know I didn't get you all and I know that these pictures don't capture your charm or the fantastic details in your outfits.  At some point in the future I will do a Tiny Avatar Portrait project and I swear to make you proud!

A gorgeous group of Tinies!

I don't want you to get the impression that the Shire is all trees and cuteness.  Some of the most innovative and advanced scripting and building I've seen came from this Community.  The level of detail and thought that goes into the design and building of everything they do is inspiring. 

To give you some idea of the diversity in this location, (there are I think 8 sims in the group that comprise the Shire)  I went to visit one of the islands I hadn't seen before - Raglan Galaxy. Land on the island and then use the teleporter to arrive at the future of the Tiny Universe.  This build deserves an entire blog post all its own - the complex is superb with all sorts of surprises and delights.

Raglan Galaxy (general)

One of the many things Chaffro is involved in is Machinima.  He and  Pyewacket Bellman have started a review blog for the art form.  In addition, they both make inworld videos.  The one below is from two years ago but gives you a good introduction to the Community's zany cuteness and you can see more on Chaffro's YouTube Channel

I love this Community and I adore the Avatars and the people who use them to inhabit their world.  Tiny bodies, big personalities and even bigger hearts.  If you want to smile go visit the Raglan Shire.


Funny Bunny said...

Hoooooo! Thanks Honour! We hope you come back SOON! We're always ready to pose for pictures!

Teal Freenote said...

Thank you for such a lovely overview of our wonderful community in Raglan Shire sim cluster. We love having visitors. Come back and see us soon.

Honour McMillan said...

Thanks to all of you for being so welcoming! :)

Trebek Raymaker said...

What a fantastic review of our beloved Raglan. I have been resident in Raglanshire for many years now and could never imagine a secondlife without it. All my best friends live there, and I never visit without running into someone that makes me smile.

Raglan is a most awesome place made so by the fantastic people you will find there. All are so welcome here, we will always make sure you leave happy, laughing and full of hot syrupy waffles... mmmmmmmmm

Eladrienne Laval said...

Such a nice write-up about Raglan. It is one of the nicest, friendliest communities I've ever been a part of in SL. Definitely come back again. I'm sure someone will have some waffles ready. ;-)