Friday, May 27, 2011

Gilmour Preserves the Remnants of a Lost People in Second Life

Gilmour (moderate)

I doubt I'm the only person who has an exploding to do list.  I may not have the opportunity to post everyday for a while but I do take breaks long enough to check out what's happening here and there.  I've been noticing some really cool photographs of a place called Gilmour and couldn't resist visiting this morning.

Gilmour (moderate)

I've gotten in the habit of checking the land info in case they specify windlight settings - after all, I should know what it's supposed to look like. :)  Wendy Xeno specifies settings for both the sky and water and, if you don't already have them, they are both from Torley.  The only cheating I did in this visit was to move the angle of the sun for some of the shots.

Gilmour (moderate)

What I found in Gilmour was beauty disturbed.  There are a few sandbars and the apparent remnants of previous inhabitants that indicate a life of both closeness with nature and a dark type of spirituality.  The ocean around them must have seemed like it was infinite.  Their environment would have made them cling to each other and rely on the strength of their bonds and their community.

Gilmour (moderate)

We will probably never know what happened to the people of Gilmour.  We can however speculate and take advantage of the opportunity to visit what they left behind.

While you are visiting, keep in mind I need your help with my SL8B project.  I'll make sure your name isn't written in the sand.

Gilmour (moderate)


AlexHayden Junibalya said...

I do have an exploding "To Do" list..AND IT'S YOUR FAULT!!! Can you please stop visiting the interesting places and just blog about Shopping Malls? I can't keep up.... :D

Honour McMillan said...

/me grins and apologizes

Anonymous said...

TY Honour, this one is a standout!
I am sure we will be going back again and again.