Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pandemonium and Getting Involved in Second Life

Pandemonium, Legion (moderate)

"Where are you?" is the message I received in a variety of forms from a good friend of mine.  "You haven't plurked or tweeted or posted!"  The answer at the time was that I was hanging off the end of an iv tube getting a succession of, what the Doctors insisted was, good drugs to combat a 4 day old migraine.  You'd think at my age I'd know better than to cheat and eat one of the many foods my system has decided are forbidden but no, I can be an idiot sometimes.  I'm starting to recover so let me catch up a bit with some random, yet vitally important, notes on stuff inworld.  Honestly, if my to do list was insane before now it just looks like a mess of angry snakes - but I will slowly get on top of it.

First I should tell you that the photographs today are from Pandemonium,  Legion - a really interesting, if dark, homestead that is for "sale" or rent.  Its name seems to match my inbox at the moment.  You can choose to keep this landscaping and the builds or redo it with your own preferences.   Contact P4NDOR4 Quintessa for information if you are curious or just go visit to see what she has done.

Now let's talk about 4 ways you can have a lot of fun, get involved and participate in events on the grid.

Pandemonium, Legion (moderate)

The Second Life Birthday celebrations are, with Burn2, my favourite time of year in Second Life.  It's a truly grid wide event and gives all of us an opportunity to participate in something fun and helps build a sense of the wider community. 

There is still a need for Stage Managers to help with the multiple venues and you are invited to sign up!  If you've never done it before don't worry - they provide training!  If you are interested send a notecard to  Doctor Gascoigne and title it SL8B Stage Manager *your name* and he'll get back to you. I plan to work a couple of shifts to satisfy my lifelong ambition to be backstage at a rock concert. :)

Pandemonium, Legion (moderate)

On Monday June 6 the grid will welcome the inaugural running of the LEA Avatar Games.  Built by Bryn Oh this is a wonderfully wacky obstacle course with multiple twists and traps.  You can participate and/or have fun as a spectator - Crap Mariner will be doing the play by play and I will add colour commentary (as well as protecting any vulnerable squirrels should he get hungry). 

I hope to see  you there Monday at 4:00 pm slt.

Pandemonium, Legion (moderate)

Speaking of Burn2 - there will be two Town Hall meetings this Saturday (June 4) followed by dancing on the playa and more.  Come and find out what's happening this year and how you can get involved.  If you are ready to…
get your camp plot ticket (yep, they will go on sale),
sign up to volunteer,
sign up for the plot lottery,
find out how to submit an art project,
or even gift the use of your sim for the BURN (wow, can you really loan a sim out?!),
or just see people that you haven’t seen in a while,
or if you need some of that plain old BURNER LOVE..
You gotta come. The whole day will be a blast!. See you on SilverSeed!

8a-9a     Town Hall with the BURN2 Core Team
9a-11a   Fancy Dress Costume Party
11a-12n Performance Group (shhh name is secret!)
12n-6p   Events!
              DMV races
              Burniversity- Building an ART CAR
              Live music performers
6p-7p    Town Hall with the BURN2 Core Team
7p-9p    Fancy Dress Costume Party

Pandemonium, Legion (moderate)

As a final note for today - yes, I'm going to nag you again - I need your help with my SL8B project.  I'm very pleased with the photos that are being submitted and I look forward to seeing many more.  It's important to me that we wind up with a good cross section of our world represented in this portrait.  Please take some time to add your picture to the portrait - I'll save you a dance!

Now I'm going to rest up a bit and then tackle that ugly to do list.  If you're waiting on me for something I promise to get to it soon. :)

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