Friday, June 3, 2011

Burn2 Town Hall & Party on the Playa Tomorrow in Second Life

Burn2 on SilverSeed

The message from Burn2 is clear - the drought is over and we're having a party!

It’s time to come together to hoot and holler and have some fun and do some sort of serious planning and organizing for BURN2, the BURNING MAN regional in Second Life.

What’s special about it is that WE ALL make the BURN: you, that avatar that looks like a robot sitting next to you, and that hot green Martian gal in the armor over on the next sim…we all make it happen! And it is coming fast, ‘cause October 1 is just around the corner!

Let’s get together, and we will tell you ALL about what we have been working on during the year, how you can help, how you can participate, what the dates are, and the theme.
We will have a question and answer period and take your feedback on how to make the BURN rock! Remember - this is a do-ocracy, so if really want to make the BURN bettah, please do show!

We will do all of this on Saturday, June 4 at 8:00 AM SLT and again at 6:00 PM. In between we have a whole lot of dancing and partying to do!

8a-9a     Town Hall with the BURN2 Core Team
9a-11a   Fancy Dress Costume Party with w/ DJ Llamatron Fetid
11a-12n  Debi Latte live!
12n- 1p Performance Group Stilt Bitches!
1p-6p    Events!
              DMV races
              Burniversity- Building an ART CAR
6p-7p    Town Hall with the BURN2 Core Team
7p-9p    Fancy Dress Costume Party w/ DJ Lady Healerbird

So if you are ready to…
  • get your camp plot ticket (yep, they will go on sale),
  • sign up to volunteer,
  • sign up for the plot lottery,
  • find out how to submit an art project,
  • or even gift the use of your sim for the BURN (wow, can you really loan a sim out?!),
  • or just see people that you haven’t seen in a while,
  • or if you just need some of that plain old BURNER LOVE..
You gotta come. I hope to see you on SilverSeed!

BURN2 Core Team

To get you in the mood here's a taste of last year's Burn2.  You'll want to come tomorrow to start planning for this year. :)

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DMom2K Darwin said...

The kiosks will remain on Silver Seed if you want to go there to check out all the great things you can do, donate or get your plot. If you want to go directly to Marketplace to grab your plot (yes, they are going fast - the 2048s nearly sold out the first day) you can head for this link:

We will continue to have events, Burniversity and parties on the Playa! Come Burn with us!