Thursday, June 30, 2011

...and He Built a Crooked House in Second Life

The Crooked House (moderate)

I wonder if people still read Robert Heinlein, I hope so.  Even when I was devouring his novels I didn't think I had to agree with him on much but I could still enjoy the books and the science and the adventure.

One of his most popular stories is about a 4 dimensional tesseract.  No, really!  You'd enjoy it.  ... and He Built a Crooked House  is the tale of an architect who "decides to save on real estate costs by building a house in the shape of an unfolded tesseract".  Of course he does this in Los Angeles and an earthquake hits and sends the house into the 4th dimension and weirdness ensues.

The Crooked House (moderate)

Seifert Surface loves math and loves building.  He has created Heinlein's Crooked House inworld and the result is our ability to experience the wonders of the 4th dimension.  You enter the house and start going through doors, in a straight line, and wind up back where you started.  If you observe from the comfortable chair while somebody else goes through the structure you can watch it change shape around them.

The Crooked House (moderate)

If you love math or 4 dimensions or puzzles or Heinlein or just a cool experience go visit the Crooked House.  Me I'm going to sit here and sort my inventory while the house does it's magic on those inside.

I'm also going to check all the settings in my viewer.  I had a terrible time with lag suddenly late last week so I deleted all my viewer files and did a clean install.  I discovered yesterday that the avatar physics slider was at maximum.  Now, even if I was interested in jiggling body parts, nothing in my shape is going to bounce no matter how high you set that thing.  I'll go check and see what other defaults in there don't apply to me.  :)

The Crooked House (moderate)


Troy Vogel said...

oh wow, I always wanted to code that in SL. It turns out someone already has.

I wanted to do an endless art gallery where you think you're walking around but you're actually staying in place as the gallery keeps moving sections of itself forward....

Uccie Poultry said...

That slider also controls how you see the jiggles of others. Amazing anti-grav bits on others can be tamed.

Honour McMillan said...

@Troy that sounds cool :)

@Uccie lol well as of now there are no bouncy parts on anybody on my screen. :)

Miso Susanowa said...

Yes, some of us remember Heinlein. I used that shape in Burning Life's Tesseract House. Seifert's is much better :)

Honour McMillan said...

@Miso - pffft, different not better. :)