Saturday, May 7, 2011

Anna is Murdering People in Second Life

Anna's Many Murders (moderate)

Let's be honest.  Anna, to use the psychologists' technical term, has issues. Anna is a girl who "watches everyone around her slowly add app's and gadgets to themselves until they cease to be human".  You or I might bemoan the state of civilization or thrill to the adventure inherent in using technology to augment the human race.  Anna chooses homicide.

Anna's Many Murders (moderate)

Anna tired of body apps
that people used
to fill their gaps.
So with a touch
of profound sadness,
Anna embraced
what we'd call madness.

Pity the Mailman and the Chef and anybody else who comes within her murderous range.  Bryn Oh has documented Anna's career as a serial killer so that you and I can bear witness to her deranged activities.

Anna's Many Murders (moderate)

When you arrive at the site of her attempt to decimate the population - what was once I'm sure a quaint and peaceful rural area - you will find the means to adjust your windlight settings.  This will allow you to share the same atmosphere as both Anna and her victims do.  I suggest you do this because you really really don't want to piss Anna off!

As you journey through the countryside and corn fields you will encounter strangely mutated wildlife and insects.  Seriously, Winnipeg can no long lay claim to having the largest and most vicious mosquitoes on earth.  There is something truly unnatural about the bugs here.  Perhaps feeding on Anna has resulted in changes to their DNA.

Anna's Many Murders (moderate)

I'm afraid that Anna has slipped past the point where she can be helped.  To use another technical term, she's bonkers!  There is even evidence that she has begun to hoard.

You must go visit the scene of Anna's Many Murders.  There is a slim chance that Anna will be brought to account for her actions but her victims deserve our acknowledgment.  However, I should in all fairness point out that there is some danger involved.  Anna is still on the loose and you have to be very careful.

I don't know what I did to deserve my fate.  I've always liked horses.  Somehow I never thought I'd wind up in the belly of one because a psycho teenager with an evil giggle added me to her list. sigh

Anna's Many Murders (moderate)

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