Friday, April 15, 2011

The Wonderous Epic Toy Factory in Second Life

I rarely speak about this but I was once severely traumatized in a physical world toy store. It's a very well known store and my sister insisted I find something for her daughter in the aisle devoted to a specific doll. shudder I still have nightmares about all that pink!

So it seems perhaps a little odd that I've acquired a fondness for toy stores in Second Life. I've mentioned one of my favourites before - The Mechanical Toy Factory in the Forgotten City (General maturity rating) - and today I'd like to suggest you explore Epic Toys (Moderate maturity rating) which has sprung from the mind and talent of Mayah Parx.

Mayah is a well known artist with a quirky sense of humour and her Toy Factory displays all of the attributes of her work that we've come to love. The builds are "inspired by Alice in Wonderland, The Chocolate Factory, The Wishing Chair, Grim Brothers Tales Fae Elven. The weird. The wonderful. From mushrooms to homes, to shop fronts, themes of Steampunk, Fantasy Magical & Mythical."

This is a store which means you can not only explore and enjoy but also, should you feel inclined, take part of the magic home with you.

I know the photographs are dark but the sim is not designed for those of us using our cameras. :) However, it is designed extremely well for us to journey through a vision of "play" that delights.

Take your time to look at everything there on the main landing area. Then use the teleporter to visit all of the various sites she has created for your wonder and amusement. As much as I love steampunk and post-apocalyptic builds this is a wonderful counterpoint. I suggest you take a break and enjoy some not-so-childish wonder. A little fantasy is good for the soul.

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