Friday, April 22, 2011

An Impressive Underwater World in Second Life

Haven of Rogues and Mer Sanctuary (moderate)

I'm a little late in posting today but I got caught up in exploring 4 very cool sims.  I had promised myself recently that I would go visit one of the Mer destinations to practice my swimming and started with the "Haven" group.

 The first of the 4 "islands" on my journey was the Haven of Rogues and Mer Sanctuary.  As luck would have it I met Mack Darwinian very soon after my arrival - I wish this picture was better.  He really has a fabulous look - and his tail is extraordinary. I need to work on my underwater photography.  sigh

I understand from Mack that most Mer spend their time underwater here however there is a very complex build up above and you should really check it out.  It will, among other things, give you the more than 200 year history of the Haven and how it started.  The shipwreck inside the cave is worth the visit by itself.

Haven of Sirens (moderate)

The Haven of Sirens landing spot is just outside a mall which will give you an opportunity to acquire fins and a tail if you like.  Swim through to the other side and you're into another undersea wonderland.  My Lion Fish does seem more at home here than she does when I'm practising on my roof. :)

The Haven of Mermaids has some cozy little corners and a dance floor for romantic fin encounters.  It also has the most wonderful "flora", some of which are created from crustaceans.  As a gardener this was a thrill.

Haven of Mermaids (moderate)

The last of the 4 sims on my itinerary was the Haven of Pirates, "Open waters for Pirates, Rogues and Mer Folk".  Mack had warned me to beware of poison symbols - nobody tries to shoot you but you will die and be sent home if you are unwary enough to stumble on one of them. 

Haven of Pirates (moderate)

These 4 sims are joined and you can stay underwater and swim through them in a long and delightful exploration (poisonous traps notwithstanding).

If you don't have a Mer avatar you can still explore under the sea with the free diving outfit. One tiny caveat is that it doesn't deliver the parts in a folder so it takes a bit of fiddling to put it on. After getting suited up, hop on a sea turtle and swim through the expansive watery landscape.

Haven of Mermaids (moderate)

There is a huge underwater community in Second Life.  My Mer resource Mack told me that he was "home" the first time he fell in the water and you might discover the same thing.  It's beautiful, it's full of really really nice people and it's a great way to get out of any rut you may be in. I'm going to keep trying to improve my ability to take photos below sea level and I suggest you go try an underwater adventure.


Matisse Vendetta said...

I'm "honoured" by your review. Thank you very much! :o) We're glad you enjoyed your visit!

Honour McMillan said...

*grins* I loved it! :)