Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fantasy Faire 2011 Rocks in Second Life

Enchanted Mysts sponsored by Fallen Gods, Inc.

I've been looking forward to Fantasy Faire 2011 and not just because of all of the fabulous things you can find to add to your swollen inventory. I'm obsessed with builds and last year's Faire was outstanding so I had great hopes for this one and my hopes were realized. An important note here is that the Faire has a designated maturity level of "General". So everybody on the grid is invited and welcome to attend!

Forest of Light sponsored by Evie's Closet

Ember Farina has enticed a team of some of the best fantasy builders on the grid to create a shopping experience which will delight and tantalize you. How could you not want to spend your Lindens on products displayed in this environment and at the same time give to a great cause. It's a win/win/win situation.

Forest of Shadow sponsored by Dark Goddess Designs

Eight magical sims have been designed masterfully to highlight the wonders of fantasy on the grid and provide you with eye candy as you navigate the inevitable lag associated with a successful event such as this one. The sponsors of each sim should be noted and congratulated for their support of the cause and the Faire.

Dark Mirage sponsored by The Looking Glass

You have from now through April 10 to appreciate the combined talents of builders such as Alia Baroque, Lauren Thibaud, Numberofthebeast Angelus, Marcus Inkpen, Sextan Shepherd, Toymaker(mayah parx), Arachne Anatra, Zander Greene, and Elicio Ember.

Nemo Revisited sponsored by Steampunk Sensations

There are more builders that deserve acknowledgment so please check the website for all the credits. They have worked long and hard to build something very special and I applaud them and I apologize to those whose names I didn't include.

Sea of Mer sponsored by Mer Betta

The huge amount of preparation and work put in to create this Faire gives you an opportunity to sample all of the various forms fantasy assumes in Second Life. You'll find wonders you know you love and new pleasures that you hadn't considered. All of this and you can contribute to one of the grid's favourite charities through the efforts of one of its most successful teams. You can't lose!

Exotic Worlds sponsored by Petable

My visit this morning was shorter than I would have liked only because I wanted to report back to you on the build. I did note that there are still some who need to "show off" when they go to a large event and admittedly a Fantasy Faire does seem a good place to dress up and look fantastical. However, visitors are not there to look at you (I know, shocking isn't it?) and you're probably just a grey blob anyway.

Strip down til you're at the minimum required to statisfy the "general" maturity category and then remove all your ao's and scripts. There may be a prize in it for you! Consider it a challenge and then hope that the mystery Arc Fairy rewards you. It'll make everybody's experience much less aggravating. :)

Fantastical and Magical sponsored by The Arcanum

I have to head back in now and actually do some shopping. You owe it to yourself to go visit the Faire and see what absolutely essential items some of the grid's best designers have produced to encourage you to part with those Lindens. You'll have a blast!

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