Sunday, April 3, 2011

Japan Relief Efforts Are Ongoing in Second Life

Watching the news these days you might think that the devastation and suffering in Japan have magically ended. We're conditioned to think that everything we see is scripted and wraps up tidily in time for the next commercial - but the truth is that it will take a long time and a lot of pain before life is anything like normal for that country.

The good news is that the residents of Second Life have a long tradition of working together to provide support for those in the physical world who are suffering. Events large and small are ongoing inworld and I wanted to highlight just a few (and all of them are classified as General on the maturity rating scale, so everybody is welcome).

One very large event is Project FUR Japan. Their sim opened last night and it's amazing how many designers and vendors are participating - you can acquire truly high quality items and know that your Lindens will go to support the needs of tens of thousands of animals abandoned and injured by the earthquake/tsunami.

I can remember after Hurricane Katrina that my vet joined a team of animal specialists who flew into Southern Louisiana and spent weeks in appalling conditions to take care of the pets and wildlife affected by that disaster. I also have a very good friend who lives south of Tokyo - before the recent events he had multiple dogs and cats. He's now housing many more and they are the lucky ones. Project FUR Japan is a cause I can heartily support.

My friend, and one of my favourite builders, Troy Vogel has created this Ottoman Fountain to raise funds for the Red Cross. There is now and will always be only one copy of this magnificent piece. It can be yours if you win the auction! Go visit his store and bid early, often and generously. You will be well rewarded.

Two special events are going on today as well. Mad Pea Games is hosting a 3 day Live Aid which will end very late tonight slt. You can enjoy some of the best music on the grid and contribute to relief efforts at the same time.

At 1:00 pm slt The ChangHai Trinity Sisters will do a special performance of their super fireshows of Light, Life & Love. There is a L$100 cover charge and the sim limit is 40 avatars so get there early!

One other project I'd like to mention in this post is Never Give Up Japan. You don't need to donate money to participate - just add a photo or message to the large board (Oh and the trick to adding your photo seems to be to make sure it's full perms). Your offering will be included in a movie being produced to send support and good thoughts to the people of Japan. They will appreciate your kindness!

I know that the press likes to portray Second Life as a maelstrom of sex and superficiality. The reality is much different and I, for one, am very proud of us. :)



Thank you for this (and in fact for your blog in general - I really enjoy reading it).

Yes, people forget just how long relief workers will be there, and how much there is to do.

I am donating the revenues from my sales at Vent du Sud (decor, builds) to Doctors Without Borders for a month, until 20 April. My apologies for the 'commercial plug', but please note I will be posting the receipt towards the end of April on my blog at

Please feel free to delete my comment if you think it is out of place!

Honour McMillan said...

Hardly out of place! Thank you for letting us know :)

Troy Vogel said...

BTW, I pulled the fountain from sale as no one bid on it.

Thanks for posting this though. :-)

Honour McMillan said...

well sh*t - it's stunning, I guess I didn't get the word out there well enough.

Hang on to it for me for a month or so and I'll buy it - Japan will still be able to use the donation!