Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Ridiculous, Sublime and Impossible in Second Life

David Rumsey Maps (general)

I thought that, before I return to the dark role play type of destination in Second Life, I'd show you a couple of old friends and a few new ones just to "cleanse your palate" (as it were).

The David Rumsey Maps has grown in size since my last visit - it now covers 4 sims.  This "Library and Exhibition of old maps from the David Rumsey Collection" is a fascinating build.  If you love old maps from different times and places this is your opportunity to actually walk on a topographical realization of some classics.  More information on the collection can be found on their website and I encourage you to consider it one of those places you must explore at least once in this life.

Photon's Castle (general)

Photon Pink's Castle is ridiculous.  It is fun and bright and cartoonish and fabulous.  One of the really irritating things about it, if you're a builder, is that it's so well done.  The attention to detail is incredible and if you like taking fantastical photographs you'll love the castle and the island.  You can find outrageous items for your home here and once you've spent some time getting into the spirit of the place you'll want everything.

Heart of Dragons (moderate)

If you're afraid of heights be prepared when you visit the Heart of Dragons.  This medieval kingdom has been built on a series of floating islands connected by thin wooden suspension bridges.  There is an En Garde arena for those addicted to the game (or those who wish to learn), shopping, a ballroom and more. 

Sialimonus (moderate)

If you want to experience space age bumper cars - or in this case Zipper Cars - go visit Sialimonus.  360 Racing offers you the chance to race inside the globe sideways, upside down and however you feel will work.  The cars and racing are free and up to 8 of you can compete at the same time and try for bragging rights.  I had my usual luck with an inworld vehicle, which is to say I can't steer for sh*t and I'm glad nobody was watching.  sigh

GreenBurg (moderate)

Finally today I bring you a perfect location to rest after all that exertion.  The Garden of GreenBurg surprised me.  I initally thought I might have to conclude it was cliched or "precious" but there are enough surprises and different touches that it's a joy to explore.  Keep your eyes open for evidence that the builders have a really quirky sense of humour.

I'll get back to wonderfully realized dark role play tomorrow.  Today I think you should go experience some of the random excellence available inworld.  :)


Lady Sakai said...

Amazing pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Honour McMillan said...

Thank you for the complement! :)