Monday, April 11, 2011

This is my Brain on Art in Second Life

A peculiar thing happened this morning. If you don't want to have to read some probably bizarre enigmatic rambling about failings and the power of the brain just look at the pictures. :)

I went to Ars Simulacra (NMC's SL Artist Showcase Island) (General maturity rating), primarily to check out Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield's StormEye. As I raised Bryn Oh's umbrella and prepared to enter the storm I started to think about my mind and how much trouble it has caused me over the years.

I'm old enough and self analytical enough that I recognize most, if not all, of my faults. I also recognize that I have strengths and talents but every now and then over the years I've entered a period of "waiting". Rather than making things happen I seem to just "wait" for something. It's never been a successful strategy - it's certainly not one I'd recommend.

Hindsight is the proverbial bitch. In fact I have a piece of art on my wall called "Hindsight" just to remind me not to repeat mistakes. Of course it doesn't work but the one thing I have learned that has stuck is that even if you're looking back and saying "Damn I shouldn't have done that" you need to realize that you can change now. You really don't want to wait another long period of time and look back on now and wonder why you still didn't fix things.

Everywhere I went on Ars Simulacra I managed to relate what I saw to me and what my life is like right now. From the raging storm to the almost blank face by Winter Nightfire. It was actually an uncomfortable experience but if it has kicked my virtual butt I guess it was worthwhile. Some may scoff at art in Second Life and the power of art in general. I think it served me well today.

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