Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Not Always Easy Being an Intrepid Explorer in Second Life

Dark Moon (moderate)

I know, the life of an intrepid inworld explorer sounds glamourous and exciting.  All that adventure and travel with just the push of a few buttons.

It isn't that easy my friend.  For one thing you have to pack for any possible weather or time period or potential threats (my weapons cache is notoriously limited and I seem to be a really easy target for those trying to "level up" - maybe I could rent myself out to those who have difficulty finding "kills", sigh).  For another, even when you think you know where you're going, the probability is often that you will wind up somewhere else.

Dark Moon Manor (moderate)

Allow me to describe today's effort to investigate and report on Dark Moon  - a romantic fantasy island you've probably seen blogged before.  I was intrigued by many of the pictures and thought I would go visit and then report back to you.  Instead of using a link from somebody who knew what they were doing I chose instead to use the Map.  I entered Dark Moon and got multiple results.

There was Dark Moon Manor - an island created just days ago.  They haven't done any terraforming or landscaping yet but I think they're having fun with their cars.

Dark Moon Bay isn't accessible to the public.  But there is Dark Moon Island.

Dark Moon Island  General

This is an interesting build - good for role play and it has some shops.  But it's not exactly what I was looking for. :)  The good news is that it's the first "dark" sim I've found with a General maturity rating so the younger teens have at least one destination where they can join the rest of us in that gritty grunge lifestyle we all know and love.

Dark Moon Isle (moderate)

Dark Moon Isle on the other hand, is one of those schizophrenic places we encounter frequently.  I think many of us are torn deciding which of our inner fantasies we want to express and so we figure out a way to do more than one without the expense of two regions. At sea level here you'll find the Montana back country, complete with a working competitive rodeo.

The region description however, tells you that somewhere up in the air is Abomination City  a "decrepit desert town, with Zombie compound and Bikers".  I didn't manage to find the City but I did find Club Abomination.  Maybe the zombies come out to see the DJ's.  :)

DarkMoon (moderate)

Things don't get any easier if you realize that people often spell the names of their regions as if spaces were not permitted between words.  So we also get DarkMoon Island, another recent purchase which isn't developed (or even public I think).  

And then there was DarkMoon.  Very close to the one I was looking for originally. However, if you're expecting romance be warned.  Leave out the space between the words and you will wind up in " the Pandora Swamp - avatar role play, under construction".  This looks like it might be fun but I don't think they'll have the same kind of pose balls you might be expecting and it's definitely going to involve weapons, fighting and injuries.

So head out there and explore.  Just keep in mind that it's not an easy life as grid wanderer - don't expect it to be all chocolates and champagne.  And do keep a first aid kit handy - I can't be the only one with a target on my back.  

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Nepherses said...

Greetings Honour! Glad you stopped by the BOG here at Dark Moon! This is the 7th version of Dark Moon, I will have you know! This one inspired by soror Nishi's wonderful art! Do know my research teams have found that the endemic plant life here love avatars to visit! And that this is the original Dark Moon! Thanks for the mention! : )