Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cold Beauty in Second Life

It is supposed to be spring in the Northern Hemisphere but Mother Nature seems reluctant in many parts to allow the season full perms.

While us northerners try to escape the cold, and the Southern Hemisphere begins to anticipate it, I thought we should spend a bit of time appreciating the beauty that can be found. After all you can stay nice and warm in your home while you explore the ice and snow in Second Life.

The Abyss is a compex futuristic build that at first seems sterile and forbidding. But if you explore the site I think you'll find it welcoming.

Leroy must have the best name on the grid. A true minimalist landscape, it is stunning in its simplicity.

Of course, if you haven't yet, you must visit Immersiva. Bryn Oh is one of the most talented artists anywhere and, on this land donated by Dusan Writer, she has created a work that warms your soul. Go visit all of them (all rated Moderate maturity level) and then look outside for seasonal changes.

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