Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surrender to the Bunnies in Second Life

I've told you before how bad I am at hunts so when I tell you that this is one of the most frustrating times of year for me you should understand. It is time for the annual invasion of the bunnies and their eggs. Hidden eggs of course. Eggs which must be hunted. And there are always thousands of people who seem to both thrive on and succeed at this type of endeavour.

The focus of the season in Second Life is the Bunny Jam (General maturity rating), a mix of contests and music, bright colours and decorated eggs. The builds are always great - Mia Linden does a good job of not succumbing to "precious" and still achieving cute and cheerful. Go to Bunny Tail and take a look around but also note that there are underground caverns and there is another island next door if things get too crowded.

Two contests for you to consider immediately are the Bunny Egg Decorating Contest and the one to win a free sim for a year. To find out more about the first you can "click on the golden egg" on the island or just follow that link I gave you to the rules. To (I believe) enter the second you must click on the "blue ribbon egg".

I searched. I searched above and below ground. I searched on both islands. I found neither of those two eggs. I'm going to go back again once I've decorated my entry for the first contest to try and find the blasted blue blasted ribbon blasted egg.

First, I'm going to rest up for a bit.

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