Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Damanios Thetan, Clean Beauty in Second Life

I feel like I've spent a lot of time in dark places lately.  Moody futuristic or historical themes, grunge, cyber or even post-apocalyptic locations are a lot of fun but every now and then I need light.  When I think of light I think of Damanios Thetan.  He's been in Second Life for more than 7 years now and I've been a big fan from the first time I saw one of his builds.

For most of the time he's been on the grid he's worked from his home sim Damani where you'll find his shops and gadgets and many pieces of his art.  He has been working on a newer sim next door for a while now.  Elonia has all of the things I enjoy about his builds; the textures, the clean lines, the views.  It's very very hard to take a bad picture of his designs and some really good photographers create art when they visit.  (note that both of these sims are Moderate on the maturity scale)

It's still winter on Elonia and it's gorgeous.  If you feel the need for exercise you can go skating but I was content to wander around and admire the work (when I wasn't thinking that it's really time to start building again myself).

One of the really cool things about Damani's work is that, if you like to play with Windlight for your photographs, the textures allow you to create wonderful affects by changing the sky and atmosphere.  If you need a place to practice with those buttons this is a terrific option.  Even if you're addicted to post-apocolytic environments, I still think you should go visit these sims and get a different perspective on inworld design.  Think of it as a vacation.  :)


On a personal blog note, I'm finally starting to play with and figure out the changes to Blogger's editing tools.  So forgive me if things seem to change erratically.  I'll try not to go crazy.:)


Raven Haalan said...

Dama rocks! I love visiting those sims - they are so epic - and the Burning Life 2008 temple is there too - 'nuff said!

Honour McMillan said...

lol he does and it is - one of the reasons I loved BL 2008. :) I try to remember there are a lot of new residents who might not know these sims - and it gives me an excuse to revisit them.