Monday, April 18, 2011

A Potpourri of Places in Second Life

I really really needed to clean up some of the mess on my desk and that includes removing some of the myriad of yellow stickies with names of sims I want to visit. So here are a few of the places on my itinerary - I'm hoping at least one or two will appeal to you (all are Moderate on the maturing rating). I enjoyed visiting them all. :)

The first is Dark Kingdom Island - for role players and visitors (wear your visitor tag to look around). If your italian is better than mine you'll understand much more than I did but even I could understand that the top photo is of a tournament site that involves swords. There are non combat areas within the build, just choose wisely when you use the teleporter. The keywords used to describe this site are intriguing: Italia, GDR, Gioco di Ruolo, RPG, Role Play Game, Combat, Italian Language, Fantasy, Viaggi nel tempo, Gotico, Fantascienza, Horror, Camelot, Magia, Globe Theatre, William Shakespeare, DCS, Armeria di Gatta Demonia, Omaggio a Estasi Allen e Marc Jarman.

Majilis al Jinn or The Sands of Time is an " island of worn ancient cliffs sheltering a garden of wonders; Lost for countless ages in the midst of a vast ocean, home to Jinn, Elves and gentle spirits." There is a wonderful tunnel inside the build that has accumulated sand through its history and the exit onto the beach makes you feel like you've discovered a new world. This is a very cool place - even if you're not looking for a romantic escape.

In keeping with my recent tendency to visit cyber cities - I recommend you check out Shadowrun - Seattle - Galactic Aeon. This is another role play sim but you can get an observer tag and wander around before having to decide whether or not to get involved. It might help if you're familiar with Shadowrun but if not they have lots of information available to you.

My 4th visit today was to Gobelin & Sendora. Take the teleporter to Paradise Island and then decide where you want to start. If you've been having withdrawal issues from the movie Avatar - and even if you haven't, this is a great build and a terrific place to hide from the rest of every world for a while.

Finally I think we could all use more magic. I plan to try and accumulate magical powers to fend off all of the various military style role players who recognize me for the easy target I am. If you want to explore that side of the grid, go visit the Arcanum. A great looking store and sim that will make you think anything is possible. :)

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