Sunday, April 17, 2011

Discover ImagiLearning in Second Life

I have all of these places I want to go explore in Second Life. Yellow stickies with the names of sims decorate my desk and monitor but I'm easily distracted by shiny things. The most recent was this photo I saw earlier today. The woman and the picture are both beautiful but what caught my eye was the build in the background. It sent me to ImagiLearning Lowlands.

ImagiLearning is an organization run by Virtual Bacon and, unless the map is lying to me, there are now 7 islands in the group. Given all the brouhaha about the future of education on the grid I think it's worth reading his blog post on Why he's still in Second Life. I'm not an expert on education or its uses inworld but I do benefit often from the educators who are there and I really appreciate great builds. So, I have to recommend you go visit - you may find a learning environment or opportunity that appeals but you will definitely find some tremendous examples of sim design that are well worth exploring.

ImagiLearning Island

Some of the objects and design have been done by Virtual Bacon and some bits and pieces I saw had other creators named. The two largest designs were by Abel Dreamscape, owner of Morphe Inc. who did the medieval village on the home island and Baal Zobel who has done the ImagiLearning Highlands and Lowlands. I've admired the work of both of these designers before and this visit just proved to me that I have really good taste. insert self-deprecating cough here

ImagiLearning NW

It will take you quite a while to explore everything on the 7 sims - I'd encourage a little caution, there appear to be a couple of private homes on one of them. All of the islands are rated General on the maturity rating scale except for NW, the Reef and East, which are rated Moderate.

When you get to the Highlands, and make sure you do, spend some time in the Library which will give you information on Tranceformational Learning and the ImagiLearning programs. It's fascinating stuff. :)

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