Monday, August 15, 2011

Second Life has a Solemn Beauty in Ravens Mist

When Birds Fall  Katz Jupiter

Two sims full of art on a fantasy landscape, I couldn't resist. Ravens Mist is Katz Jupiter's gift to those who love to poke around and find great art in a completely unnatural setting - well it's unnatural if you think art has to be in a walled gallery or organized in nice neat display areas.  We on the grid know better and this is a wonderful place to explore.

The name of the group Katz has created will give you a hint of what's to be found.  Slightly Twisted is well named.  The plan is to change the exhibits regularly so, assuming you actually manage to see everything and feel like you're done, there will be a reason to return often.

The Hope Beyond the Door  Nessuno Myoo

Katz' own works are on display as well as many pieces by others.  This is a very large display area and will take time to explore and digest, each of the pieces I saw deserve attention and focus.

The art is solemn.  It's not depressing but the art I managed to have time to consider was serious and definitely not frivolous.  The pieces are beautiful but the subject matter is not light.   I did find hope only partially buried on a hill top - so I took that as a positive sign. :)  I recommend you go visit Ravens Mist - it's a very cool place to spend some quality time inworld.

Burning Monk Tribute  Luke Enoch

Now allow me to share something I learned about Viewer2 this weekend that you have probably already figured out. I admit I'm slow.  If you want to follow a slurl from a website, drag it down to the Second Life tab at the bottom of your screen - when the viewer opens drop the link onto the screen.  The map sidebar opens to that location and you can teleport.  Dragging and dropping slurl's is much easier than the alternative.  Try it with the Ravens Mist link and see what happens.  It makes me wonder how many other little things I've not discovered. 

The next shot isn't great but I thought at least one photo of a larger area should be included. :)

Ravens Mist  (moderate)


dreamin' mcqueen said...

Beautiful, and thank you.

Honour McMillan said...

@dreamin Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank-you very much for this wonderful explanation of this exhibition that carries much meaning for us. You are very welcome to return for explorations anytime you should choose. Peace Katz Jupiter

Honour McMillan said...

@Katz Thank you so much! I will return, often :)