Thursday, August 25, 2011

The New Viewer Convinced Me To Clean My Closet in Second Life

Artarra  (moderate)

I've been playing with the 3.something version of the production viewer for the past couple of days and having some performance issues.  This of course led me down the path of  "Gee I must be doing something wrong"  which was followed by doing a clean install and then fussing with settings.  It turns out at least part of my problem would be a combination of expectations and impatience.  :)

I keep expecting the login experience to be similar to previous versions of the viewer - wait a bit and things rez and stabilize and then my fps goes up to a number I expect.  This version however never seemed to stabilize and that was because I never gave it time to do that.  At some point yesterday morning while I was waiting for my fps to climb above 2.7 I opened my inventory and noticed it was still loading - very, very slowly.  Once it had loaded my performance arrived at something close to what I would consider "normal" but it took more than 10 minutes.

I'm sure this will be fixed - I noticed it in the release notes for at least one of the betas but in the meantime I decided this meant I should tackle my inventory - I'm not a fashionista and I don't have 90K of stuff in my closet but my number used to hover around 12,000 and it has crept up to 19,000.  I took the loading issue as a sign from the pixel gods and I've been culling.

After deleting a lot, transferring some to my alt who has nothing and boxing up literally thousands of textures I've cut 5,000 from my inventory total.  I think I'll ship more out but at least the number is coming down. 

I promise I'll do some more serious exploring soon but I did take a break this morning to go visit Artarra - I enjoy landscapes that remind me of impressionist paintings.  This is a pretty place and you should visit. Take your umbrella though, all that lush greenery is watered often by rain.  :)

Artarra  (moderate)


Uccie Poultry said...

Nope. Inventory is running slower in the latest official viewer release. And not just because I have nearly 47,000 items.

Honour McMillan said...

@Uccie That's what I thought I said :)

I kept relogging after 5 minutes thinking that might improve my performance. Then I watched as it showed the inventory load and the number increased by only a few digits per second. It was taking more than 15 minutes to load my 19k items - can't imagine how long it's taking for those with really high levels.

I've seen it mentioned in beta release notes so I believe it's being worked on.