Friday, August 12, 2011

Attending SLCC 2011 Virtually in Second Life

SLCC Central Landing Point (general)

It's that time of year again.  The desperate search for matching socks and suitcases that actually close and "Will I really need my kazoo?" is being played out in a variety of geographical locations as physical world alts make their way to the annual Second Life Community Convention (official United States Convention mind you).

SLCC 2011 is taking place in San Francisco (well it's actually Oakland - I'm close though) but most of us won't be there.  Sure we'll miss the joy of meeting our friends and eating whatever they find at 2:00 in the morning to try and prevent the inevitable hangovers.  We won't be able to share the inside jokes or blackmail Zero with the photo of his new tattoo.  But - we won't have our luggage fall open in the hotel lobby showing everybody our selection of underwear (and providing great hints about the activities we've really planned for those off schedule hours), we won't have indigestion and we'll get some sleep (always high on my priority list).

The Hatch  Keynotes & General Sessions

The really good news is that we can attend the conference virtually.  Sessions will be streamed inworld for those who use Viewer 2.  Let me repeat that - you must use Viewer 2 to see the inworld streams.  I know people will still show up and wonder in chat why they can't see anything but at least I tried.  For you crazy rebels using that viewer Arnold built in his basement you can watch the sessions on the web.  I'm thinking that, since apparently nobody uses Viewer 2, us nobodies won't have to worry about lag. :)

Museum of Modern Art   Artistic & Creative Expression and Social Experience & Communities

There are a lot of sessions planned for the conference and 5 main venues inworld (there are also inworld "mixers").  The Hatch will hold the keynotes and general sessions - and, yes, Rodvik is scheduled for 1:00 pm slt on Saturday.  Multiple categories of breakout sessions give you lots of choice and, with any luck, will include discussions on topics dear to your heart.

Bradbury Building  Public Service & Education

I did a quick tour of the inworld sims hosting SLCC and you'll have no trouble finding things.  There are schedules and teleporters all over the place - there will be greeters to help you navigate if need be.

I plan to attend as many sessions as possible (and, no, not just because I hope to see hungover individuals in the physical audience).  I might learn something and in years past I've met some really cool people in the virtual audience.

Fanueil Hall  Commerce & Marketing

If you're feeling sorry for yourself because you won't experience the comradery of the real world venue do not despair.  You could plan to attend next year's event and in the meantime come join the rest of us inworld.  I'll tell you a little secret - something those in Oakland won't know.  The virtual attendees will wind up with as many inside jokes, shared knowledge and new friends as those we're envying and we get to eat our own food, sleep in our own beds and have a much faster trip home.  

So go study the schedule, decide what you want to see and plan your weekend.  I'm going to take care of any errands I might have to do now just so my time is free to join you.

Fox Theater  Developers & Open Source


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Honour! I do wish I could be there - I had a great time in Boston in 2010.

So a question... I have no objection to using v2. Are you able to clarify - does it have to be V2 or can it be one of the third party viewers such as Firestorm that are based on v2?

Honour McMillan said...

@Ahuva I can only tell you what the SLCC website says - you could try Firestorm or one of the other V2 based viewers and see if they work though.

Corcosman said...

As a former denizen of Oakland/'s in beautiful Oakland this year, not San Francisco. The true San Franciscans will be horrified that Oakland might be mistaken for San Francisco :)), they should be used to it by now.

Honour McMillan said...

@Corcosman My bad! :)

Daniel Voyager said...

Great blog post Honour about SLCC 2011. :)

Looking forward to a weekend of watching SLCC presentations.

Honour McMillan said...

@Daniel Thank you :)