Saturday, August 27, 2011

Idle & Erratic Musings in Second Life's Forgotten City

Forgotten City  (general)

I was feeling particularly self indulgent this morning so I went to visit one of my favourite places on the grid - the Forgotten City.  You can spend hours exploring this fabulous build - I just stand in one spot and take dozens of photos - everywhere you look there is something that deserves closer inspection.  Even underwater.

Forgotten City  (general)

I was wandering around yesterday and realized that when a landowner creates a fixed windlight setting on their island we know exactly how they want it to appear.  Of course unless they tell me what that setting is I can't alter east angle for photo purposes and keep the settings.  sigh  Please vote for this JIRA - I know it's not all about photographers and machinimasts but we should count too. :)

Forgotten City  (general)

We're in the midst of preparations for Burn2 - lots of volunteers doing lots of projects that are needed to get the infrastructure in place.  If you're planning to wait until the last moment to get your plot - don't!  The number of sims we have will depend on the number of plots people ask for and we need enough for a full region before we can commit.  Do it now and you have a better chance of getting one.  If you'd like to volunteer we'd love to have you on the team!

Forgotten City  (general)

Today is a day for those threatened by Mother Nature and/or weapons and violence to stay safe.  For those threatened by illness to work on health and their loved ones to focus on the positive.  For the rest of us, I suggest we avoid the drama created by small minds.  I'm going to wander up this back street and see what I can find.

Forgotten City  (general)


Uccie Poultry said...

Already voted on that JIRA, though I remain unconvinced that The Lab actually looks at any JIRA. But I guess I can hope.

I love the Lost City and have a habit of logging out one of my alts there so I can explore afresh whenever I log her in. It truly is a visual feast for tourists and builders, alike.

Honour McMillan said...

@Uccie Thank you - I remain an optimist :)

This location is just amazing and gives me builder envy :P

Caliburn Susanto said...

Yes she is a unique creator; all her products have a very recognizable style and having them all together on one region is an eye-popper. Her dirigibles are very popular with the Steampunkers, too.

You can live there (very opulent neighborhood!) so long as you are okay with the fact that you are not allowed to prevent others from visiting and using your apartments (no security, eviction, or banning allowed).

And also, your pictures are getting better and better.

Honour McMillan said...

@CaL LOL thank you :)

Caliburn Susanto said...

(That looks pedantic sitting out there outside of my head. What I meant was, all the new V2&3 bells & whistles and shadows and blah blah blah are getting put to good use on top of the already excellent composition [runs back under his cozy rock].)


Honour McMillan said...

@Cal I was and am flattered. Get as pedantic as you like :)

Nalates said...

Forgotten City is a neat place. If one stops to watch there are a number of things going on.

When you want the Lindens to take notice of a JIRA be sure you WATCH it. Votes are depreciated.

Laura18 Streeter said...

Very cool place Honour, love your posts!