Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Great Nanotech Conspiracy Revealed in Second Life

NaNoBoSqUe (moderate)

As with most of my adventures this one began innocently enough.  I'd seen an intriguing photo by Karro Lean and went to visit the location thinking I might find an interesting landscape.  What I found is the truth behind the great nanotechnology nerd conspiracy.

For those of you unaware of this field of science/engineering the owners of the sim provide a definition (in Spanish which I used Google to translate). Nanotechnology is a field of applied science devoted to the control and manipulation of matter at a scale smaller than a micrometer, ie, the level of atoms and molecules (nano). The most common is that such manipulation occurs in a range of one to one hundred nanometers. [For] an idea of ​​how small  a nanobot [can be]  know that about 50 nm is the size of 5 layers of molecules or atoms.

NaNoBoSqUe (moderate)

Those of us exposed to science "fiction" are familiar with nanobots - or 'bots'.  Tiny constructs which can be injected into your bloodstream and programmed to perform any number of complicated instructions.  The "good" bots might provide you with strength or extra-sensory powers.  They can rebuild lost limbs and fight off alien life forms.  The "bad" bots might turn you into a killer or kill you at the receipt of a pre-arranged signal.  Nothing new there.  "Where's the conspiracy?" you might ask.

The secret lies in those scientists working on nanotechnology.  The ultimate nerds.  Those white-coated, pocket-protected brainiacs we've all envisioned in their sterile laboratories working on things nobody else can see.  We have to take their word for the actual experimentation and discoveries they claim.  We can however "see" their dull boring work environment and in some ways pity them.  Well now we know the truth!

NaNoBoSqUe (moderate)

In a daring move the Institut Catala de Nanotecnologia has ripped away the veil from this nerdish conspiracy.  I'm sure it has caused considerable consternation but this brave organization has finally revealed the world of the nanotechnologist!

Far from sterile and dull, these secretive individuals live in a world of colour and light and movement.  It's really no wonder they've kept it hidden from the rest of us.  They want to preserve this glorious universe for their elitist cabal.  Luckily for us somebody had the courage to break the strict code of silence which has masked the workings of this closed temple of molecule worshipers.

NaNoBoSqUe (moderate)

It might not be an easy journey for you to visit their world.  They haven't made it simple for us to "pierce the veil" as it were and understand the serious inner workings of their endeavours.  Oh the information is there but you have to fight off the tendency to focus on the glorious surroundings.  Every time this explorer attempted to enter the central dome and learn more details about their work some new visually striking image would form and my camera begged to be utilized.  I'm sure you'll have more discipline.

I can report that there didn't appear to be any physical danger in exploring the nanotech world.  I'm sure my current fondness for lifting cars and ripping out tree trunks is purely a coincidence.

Update:  I've been informed that NaNoBoSqUe is another creation of Romy Nayar and Haxgrot (Ux Hax & Maria Grot).  No wonder it's amazing!

NaNoBoSqUe (moderate)


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