Monday, July 4, 2011

Second Life is Very Hard on Cows

One Day My Cow Will Come (moderate)

Really.  Where's the love?  Second Life residents adopt and lavish affection on chickens, horses, cats and Meero's but who takes care of the cows?  In recent weeks I've seen people riding them, mocking them, using them as footstools and there was one unfortunately unforgettable incident involving a cow and a banana.   Today I saw one thrown through the air via catapult.  I was the one who put her there but I'm now feeling the anguish which comes from knowing I'm just as guilty as everybody else of abusing these poor creatures.

I should start at the beginning I suppose.  I found an art exhibit called One Day My Cow Will Come by Eupalinos Ugajin.  It is high in the air above Rose Borchovski's Susa Bubble Story and it is a fascinating, bizarre and totally wonderful creation.

One Day My Cow Will Come (moderate)

When I arrived at the site the "City" was closed but there was this tourist office.  Make sure you read the notecard or you will miss much of what this build has to offer - and as strange and bizarre as it is you don't want to miss anything.  Also make sure you're wearing the flight feather - it may be the only thing that saves you.

Clicking on the box made of concrete bricks opened the "City" and now I know how Alice felt.  Think of the opening as a rabbit hole and brace yourself.  Use the teleports to visit all of the various areas of the "City" but be very careful of Mrs. Bones.  That chainsaw didn't get covered in blood because she was crocheting doilies.  Oh and there are also aliens and you are warned to have your umbrella or laser gun handy.  There's also a hud available and you get advice from Buster Keaton.

One Day My Cow Will Come (moderate)

I'm forgetting a number of things you should watch out for but by now you should have some idea of what you're going to face.

I met the artist while I was trying to get photographs that might convey some of this intriguing build.  Eupalinos' avatar is fitting for somebody who could create an installation as complex and surreal as this.  Unfortunately it was in constant motion and I couldn't get a reasonable picture - but trust me, it's odd.  Of course that might just be my middle class reaction to the headless bodies that appeared to be attached to it.  Eupalinos gave me a link to a photo of the avatar - turns out those bodies have heads after all.  :)

One Day My Cow Will Come (moderate)

Back to the cows.  Overhanging the "City" is a giant catapult.  Eupalinos has loaded it with 3 pages of potential projectiles - objects from a long list of other artists who are credited in that invaluable notecard.  You can also load your own temporary ammunition if you desire.  Click on the box with the leaf to load the catapult and then click on the box with the plane to fire it.

I succumbed to temptation and loaded an innocent cow into the device.  I won't tell you what happened - it is a sight that will haunt me for a long time.  There is a great video the artist did of this build - it might help you prepare for the experience.  Another video documents the tragic end to an entire herd of innocent animals.

Go visit One Day My Cow Will Come - ride the poor donkey, have a drink at the outdoor cafe, pet the dinosaur and avoid the chainsaw.  Then if it will help, fling away your stress with the catapult.  I'm going to go adopt a cow and smother it with love.

One Day My Cow Will Come (moderate)


Miso Susanowa said...

I hope you screamed, "Eenglish pig-dog!" when you let fly...

The Dancing Cow (told to me later to be originally done by the legendary Starax) was one ogf my first and most beloved toys in SL. I remember entire nights spent chatting with friends while riding the Cow. So I will always honor the Cow.

Eupalinos Ugajin said...

Fun post, thanks for your visit :)

Gypsy Quixote said...

Honour McMillan said...

@Misa I've led a very sheltered life ... I didn't know about the screaming. :(

And I was going to suggest a Bovine Rescue Society til I read Gypsy's blog.

@Eupalinos - Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. Your build is fantastic!

@Gypsy - Bravo for taking a bold step to address this seriously neglected cesspool of abuse!

Bea MN said...

Wonderful post! <3

Honour McMillan said...

@*Said awww thank you! :)

Aria E. Appleford said...

hahahahaha TY!! I have long understood the way of the cows and the fact that we as women are so often compared to them is no small thing. All hail the cow!!

Honour McMillan said...

@Bliss indeed! :)