Thursday, July 28, 2011

Perhaps Second Life is Taking Over My Brain

Terraform Me  Patch Linden (general)

I found myself yesterday afternoon outside in the fresh air (weird I know).  At one point I looked up in the sky and recognized the Windlight setting that was being used and considered altering the "east angle" so I wouldn't have to shift my own position to get back in the shade.  sigh

I'm quite certain my reaction to the physical world was perfectly normal but, just in case, I'm doing a quick post today and then spending a little bit more time reacquainting myself with the environment around me.

Random map surfing and clicking this morning took me to a few of the Linden Isle's and I'm sharing three I hadn't encountered before.  My explorations started to feel uncomfortable when I ran across some private homes - I don't think stalking is going to be a good career choice, I don't have the stomach for it.  These three islands, though, are pretty cool and certainly appear to be set up for the rest of us to visit.

Baronial Castle  Governor Linden (general)

I think there's potential for a new branch of the social sciences based on a study of the Second Life map.  Psychologists and anthropologists could collaborate on papers examining the psychopathy inherent in the messages people try to send in the way they want people to see their land and builds.  Really ..... just open the map one day and start moving around it.  You'll find the most extraordinary things spelled out just waiting for you to read them.

Some of the images make me want to visit.  As an example, Patch Linden's island is interesting if dangerous for landings.  Some are mysterious - the result of using the sim surrounds that are like placing your land in a plain brown wrapper.  Some are involuntary - I think one of Torley's islands has been griefed.

So the message for today is - use the map, get out there and see what's going on.  Me?  I might read a book. :)

Moonbase  Governor Linden (general)


Miso Susanowa said...

You know you spend too much time in SL when you attempt to use ALT-CTRL camera controls to zoom in to a Google page or rotate around that tree in your vision in RL.

Honour McMillan said...

@Miso LOL and I do it all the time :)

Pam Broviak said...

@Miso - I do that all the time too! Plus I have difficulty going between SL and WoW because I keep trying to hit the "M" key to bring up the map in SL.