Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Caring & Compassion in Second Life

Relief Bear Waits for News of ...
My small contribution to The Wall

At the time I write this the total amount raised inworld by Relay for Life 2011 totals $373,098.  This is a result of the outstanding efforts of the organizers and the teams and the individuals on our grid who demonstrate the best in us.  It is an integral part of the culture of Second Life that communities come together to show and provide support.  It might be a case of a musician losing his house in a flood aided by friends/fans and fellow musicians.  When the calamity is on a large scale, such as an earthquake in New Zealand, the size of the community's response is proportionally greater.

Amongst all of the other projects initiated after the enormous tragedy resulting from the disaster earlier this year in Japan was The Wall - an opportunity for 1,000 residents of Second Life to add their own photographs/wishes to a display which would be offered to the citizens of Japan on behalf of all of us. 

The results are now included in the following video.  We may be "not real" but we manage to feel compassion and caring and a willingness to assist wherever we can.  Our support might be financial or through organization and communication or a combination of everything it's possible for us to do.  I like our world and I'm proud to be part of it.

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