Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Through The Lens of Dreams & Being Boswell in Second Life

Through the Lens of Dreams at Art Screamer (moderate)

I'm gradually surfacing from the past few weeks and months of focus elsewhere and I'm determined to go around and find some of the things I've missed so that I can share them with you.

My first outing was to Art Screamer which is a very cool sim offering different artists' installations over time. The current one is by two of my favourites  - Madcow Cosmos with sound by Lorin Tone.  Called Through the Lens of Dreams it's a fabulous landscape you complete as you explore.  In their own words:

(it) is an exploration of the transformative nature of dreams, where each new setting may emerge from the last and seems continuous while we're experiencing them.  The only truly consistent part of a dream is the viewer, that's you.  Thus as you walk through the installation you help complete the piece, good work.  The piece is more a series of doodles that flow from each other than a single large composition so it seems somewhat sprawling and busy.  Just relax and enjoy your own little piece of the whole.

Through the Lens of Dreams at Art Screamer (moderate)

While I poked and clicked and circled around some of these wonderous objects I was thinking about a conversation I had yesterday with a dear friend.  I care about him a lot which makes it easier not to be shallow and hate him for being unreasonably talented in far too many areas.

It made me think about this world and how it attracts wonderful artists and musicians and builders and designers and fashionistas and storytellers.  It wouldn't be the same without them and I appreciate what they do for me.  I mean I can't do what they do so I'll just take advantage of the fact they do it to be entertained and inspired and provoked and touched. But there's a tiny little bit of me that's jealous.  I think most of us want to contribute not just consume, certainly I would like to feel like I was adding to the world somehow.

Through the Lens of Dreams at Art Screamer (moderate)

I convince myself that my photography is getting better.  I'm out of practice as these pictures clearly demonstrate but I'm a great believer in continuous improvement.

My photos aren't art though.  I'm not creating anything new and when people like them they are responding to the content.  Don't get me wrong - I don't have a problem with that. If people like my images it means I've captured something I was trying to share about something I saw. That's really all I can hope for. The wonderful photographers who use lighting or special effects or post processing to tell a story or create something new are artists.  I'm just recording moments.

Through the Lens of Dreams at Art Screamer (moderate)

Someday maybe a fairy godfather (cause I'd rather look at great abs than boobs) will appear and I'll suddenly create something magical.  In the meantime I'll photograph what I find and share it with you.  This world needs Boswell's too - and it's certainly easier than what people like Madcow and Lorin are doing. :)

Go visit Art Screamers and walk Through the Lens of Dreams.  Make your own memories and take your own photos.  Feel like a participant in this process.

I'm heading out to find some more products of the amazing talents we live with in a virtual world.

Through the Lens of Dreams at Art Screamer (moderate)


Chestnut Rau said...

I was hoping you would visit Art Screamers because I was looking forward to your photographs! You undervalue your own art and make no mistake about it -- your photographs are art.

Unknown said...

Honour, I totally relate to what you are saying here.

Your blog is a valuable and meaningful contribution to SL. Don't underestimate that :))

Honour McMillan said...

LOL @ both of you - I truly believe Boswells are important :)

Chestnut Rau said...

Well, Boswell *was* Scottish so I understand your affinity for him!