Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Very Windy Aerie in Second Life

The Aerie by Cherry Manga (moderate)

One of the exhibits I missed recently was Maya Paris' installation at Per4mance MetaLES and I feel terrible and apologize to her and to you that I didn't share it.  I was determined not to miss the current work by Cherry Manga.

The Aerie is situated on a windswept marsh at the rocky edge of the ocean.  Almost everything seems to be in motion from the huge number of birds to the marsh grasses.

The Aerie by Cherry Manga (moderate)

The sim suggests you use the Torley windlight setting of Midday Touch o' Purple which I did.  Normally I mess around with my settings but I was obedient today. :)

The landscape is very dominant when you first start to explore.  But look closely. There are a myriad of details and every object has more to it than you might realize with a cursory glance.

The Aerie by Cherry Manga (moderate)

The colours are pale - and not just as a result of your environment settings.  But there are colours and there are surprises.

It's very soothing somehow to stand in the moving grass with birds swirling in the wind around you.  It doesn't feel warm here but it's not cold or unfeeling and there is great beauty.  It is, as have been all the works I've seen at Per4mance MetaLES, exquisitely done and a departure from what I've seen before.

The Aerie by Cherry Manga (moderate)

I had trouble capturing the feeling of  The Aerie in these photos.  Luckily for you  jjcccc has made a video of the installation.  Watch this and then go visit for yourself.   Take a sweater though - the wind is relentless.

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