Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Experiences Another First in Second Life

Center Camp @ Burn2 (moderate)
Burn2 is going full throttle and finding some time to just relax is tough - but it's all good and a lot of fun.  Jef caught me this morning before the coffee kicked in and persuaded me to jump on a couples dance ball.  I admit this is the first time in my more than 4 years inworld that I've done this - some people don't realize how shy I am. :)  At least he didn't drop me!

Come and dance at Burn2.  Great music and great art and lots of terrific people await!


R. said...

It takes mighty fine calf-muscles to dance so well.


Honour McMillan said...

@Crap - damn right *grin*

Anonymous said...

Ms Honour it may have been four years since you last jumped on a couples dance pose ball set, but your dance form looks to be top shelf my dear! Burn on and great work by you, the organizing committee and the volunteers at this years Burn2!

Honour McMillan said...

@Splash! yay and thank you!