Friday, October 21, 2011

Unsleep Walking the Grid in Second Life

XIV Evanesce  (moderate)

Sometimes sleep is erratic if not elusive and sometimes that can prove to be an opportunity for something special.  I consider it preferable to "do" anything rather than just lie there when I awake and last night I was looking at photos and saw this one by Totem Flow.

The grid is almost always available so I went to explore and found myself in shallow waves looking at a magical view.   I turned my camera around and saw even more magic and didn't miss sleep at all.

XIV Evanesce  (moderate)

When I arrived I had my environment set to midnight and decided to keep it there but play with some of Torley's settings for that hour.

I'm not comfortable with many of the mushy romantic destinations inworld.  Maybe I have a different notion of romance or maybe I'm just cranky but I find too many of them cliched and overly cute.  However Vix Yoshikawa has created something beautiful and romance could be happy here.

XIV Evanesce  (moderate)

I encountered one of those perfect images that sometimes appear in front of you while I was snapping photos. In a special place with soft colour and light there were two gorgeous pastel nekos sharing a swing and a quiet moment. They suited the mood and the landscape so completely that they could have been part of the design.

I didn't invade their privacy and I did not take their picture but seeing them made me smile.  

XIV Evanesce  (moderate)

Go visit XIV Evanesce and check it out at different times of day.  Share it with somebody special - even if that means yourself.

I headed back to sleep with the untaken photo of that couple in my head.  Maybe I'm not as cranky as I think. :)

XIV Evanesce  (moderate)


Natsuki Morigi said...

Thanks , Honour for a beautiful post. XiV is a magical little spot indeed.

Honour McMillan said...

@Natsuki Thank you! :)

Vixsilver Yoshikawa said...

Thank you for this lovely post on [.XIV] <33