Saturday, October 1, 2011

Burn2 2011 in Second Life - The LiveStream!

Burn2 2011 Temple (moderate)

This is a quick post - you'd think that after working on something for months there would be no last minute running around, but it's a little hectic on the playa while we get things ready for the opening at noon.

I do want to announce one of the projects we've undertaken this year at Burn2.  We will be livestreaming the Burn!  Much like the Burning Man livestream there will be a playa cam showing folks walking around the sims and some of the builds but we will have more. In addition to some pre-recorded content we will be broadcasting many of the performances from Center Camp and, later in the week, Tokyo Stage.

When I was exploring ways to do this I went looking for a geek with a spare computer and highspeed connection who would be willing to devote that setup to this idea.  What I found instead is a one person television production outfit in Howdy Colter.  Howdy has been an amazing resource and if this doesn't work it won't be the result of a lack of any effort or determination on his part.

The livestream (and chat function) is available at the Burn2 website.  We have a schedule for the performance broadcasts and you know it will change but we'll keep it updated as best we can.  (Note that there will be many more performances taking place at the Burn but these will be the ones we can broadcast.  Howdy insists on both sleep and the ability to go to school/work but we'll show everything we can!)

So assuming all the planets align correctly, technical difficulties (like sim/avatar crashes) are kept to a minimum and our kharma is in balance, you will be able to see what's going on here at the Burn from your desktop even if you can't come inworld.

Oh and I promised you yesterday I would give you the slurl for the fabulous amazing Temple.  Check it out!  We'll open at noon and then the sims will probably crash but we'll be back.  Consider the experience a bit of performance art. :)

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