Monday, October 24, 2011

You Think I'm What? in Second Life

Winterfell (moderate)

I had this kind of epiphany the other day.  Well at least that's what it could be.  We talk a lot about immersion vs augmentation and I've always said/thought that I'm just "me" inworld, no more and no less.  However I've recently been made aware that there's a perception of me as "soft spoken" and "sweet". ?!?  Understand that my physical alt has most often been compared to Murphy Brown and neither of those terms have ever been used to describe her.

If you never saw the show (probably cause you're much younger than I) she wasn't mean just often caustic and wry and definitely had a temper.  So why am I perceived differently by some on the grid?  I don't think I'm "role playing" - in fact I know I'm not.  Maybe the pace or the nature of my interactions in a virtual world allow me the freedom and the time to show more facets of my character.  However, I have never and would never aspire to being "sweet".  I don't think I want to know that about me.

Winterfell (moderate)

I don't have any issue with being "nice" and in fact I try to be kind, considerate and not careless of other people's time and feelings.  But "sweet"?  That's an outrage!

"Sweet" makes me think of very young, coy, naive and not terribly bright.  I'm sure this is my problem and not an attempt by others to insult me but, trust me, diabetics do not need to fear spending too much time in my presence.  Saccharine is cloying and lacks backbone. I'd like to think I've survived this long because of strength not the ability to sit in a corner sucking on a lollipop and fluttering my eyelashes.

Winterfell (moderate)

There's been a lot of conversation in my virtual life lately about my appearance and that it should be altered.  I think if I really wanted to change something about myself it would be whatever it is that I'm doing to make people perceive me in such a mistaken way.  And I don't think it requires changing the size of my boobs. grin

Speaking of which.  I came across a cool blog the other day (and I can't find the link right now of course but I will and I'll add her to my blog roll) by an educator recording her experiences as a newbie in Second Life.  One of her early observations is that there's an obsession with breasts inworld.  Ha!  You thought it was just me!

Winterfell (moderate)

I went to visit Winterfell to get the images for this post.  It's aimed at the fans of Game of Thrones and is described as a Freeform Para-RP in the universe of a Song of Ice and Fire based within the City of WInterfell, in the North.

And this forced me to confront another one of those peculiarities of our world.  In order to visit you must dress appropriately - medieval.  Bare chests, kilts and Xena Warrior Princess are specifically not allowed.  sigh So much for my Xena fantasy.  This meant looking for a basic medieval outfit that didn't involve Gor.  Not an easy thing to do it turns out.  

However, the sim is worth the effort if you like to explore and if you're interested in that kind of role play then I suggest you go visit.  It was like entering a painting in some ways - nice effects.

Now if you'll excuse me I'll go be horribly sarcastic to somebody so I can feel more like myself.  I must be out of practice.

Winterfell (moderate)


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!

Don't worry, *I* never thought you were sweet. :)

"There's been a lot of conversation in my virtual life lately about my appearance and that it should be altered." There has? By bl--din' 'o? Tell 'em to get stuffed. You always look spot on to me...

(It's funny how often I've heard people say "well, people tell me that I should change how I look in this and this way"; my first reaction (generally unspoken) is "why do you hang around with morons like that?"). No one says that kind of thing to me. Or if they do, my filters block it out entirely...)

Honour McMillan said...

@Dale *hugs* and thank you!

Uccie Poultry said...

You are sweet in a pleasant way ... through kindness and listening and "being there". That is just you, regardless of your appearance. Some folks can do that.

Not me. I find my avatar greatly influences "who I am" in-world. For example I have a child-like blue pixy alt and a "got my stuff together" mature blue pixy alt. Very different people when you meet them. And each is different, though a part of my Uccello 'character,' who I usually am in-world and the one more like my RL self.

It's all a matter of self-expression. Personally, I think those that create an ideal, hyper-real self have more issues than us that augment via color or shape or bits. By not limiting yourself you can think outside the proverbial box but still wonder about Dr Schrödinger's cat inside it.

Honour McMillan said...

@Uccie as long as I get to rub your belly you can be whatever you want! *hugs*