Monday, October 17, 2011

Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Creates a Halloween Costume for Second Life

Well I like it .....

You probably already know this but it always comes as a shock to me - there's an obsession with sliders and skins and the choices people make when creating their avatars.

I love grey and painted skins.  I figure some people are pale and some are tanned and some might be mahogany and I just happen to be grey.  There are those, however, who insist I look like the undead.  sigh

This is not my only crime.  For a variety of reasons which I won't blather on about I choose to keep my sliders to the left.  Honestly anybody who hits on me would probably hit on a park bench - they just want something to jump on the sex balls with.

I can remember an encounter with a grid famous artist who could only talk about my lack of butt.  Seriously? Of course the bust is the big obsession and I was counselled to fix that.  Fine.

Fine I'm pink .....

The shape isn't a big change and it's one I can live with.  The skin is an old one I had - at least it doesn't make me look 17.  I'm not about to go skin shopping just because people have a fear of zombies so great that innocent aliens are targeted for disdain.

However, since Halloween is approaching the discussion gave me an idea for a costume.  I don't really have the wardrobe to pull it off but I decided that just moving that one slider would take me far into the realm of "make believe" that all good costumes require.  Nothing however can make me go shoe shopping!

There but I'm not oiling them .....

I don't understand the obsession with my body parts and I won't change my look just cause other people have deep seated issues (/me grins at the outspoken critic of my choices) but I'll try change and if I can live with it then I'll adapt.

To be honest though I really think the best thing might be if I choose an avatar without slider or skin options that offend delicate sensibilities.

This seems safe


Uccie Poultry said...

GAH! Honour wif bewbs! I'm scared and traumatized! GAAAHH!

Honour McMillan said...

@Uccie So am I!!!!

Bashful Pixie said...

Total win on white painted skin! I've been wearing one for three years (see my profile picture:

Too many skins try too hard to be too real and they often fail. But the fantastical always wins I think!

Honour McMillan said...

Thank you Bashful!