Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yes, My Blog Has Moved

Catharsis (moderate)

This seemed as good an image as any to illustrate the process of moving my blog.  The fact that there's a move afoot to link google profiles with blogger and the annoying "security" process in place forced my hand.  This is annoying because I like blogger - it works.

I'm sure I've messed up various things and I'll try and get them fixed.  I'll also be tweaking but, I hope, no wholesale changes and at some point I'll figure out why links don't always want to work etc.

Two things didn't make it over - the videos I've posted are missing and my Travels Sorted by Maturity Rating.  I'll be starting a new page of them but the old one will remain for as long as possible.

I apologize to all of you using RSS Feeds and who kindly link to me on their blogrolls - but I couldn't take the chance that the blog would vanish completely.  I'm attached to it. :)

All future posts will be available solely on the Wordpress site.  I hope you'll continue to follow my inworld adventures!


Laura18 Streeter said...

Changed my blog to link your Wordpress one!

James Miller said...

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