Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daniel Voyager - Happy Happy RezDay

It's very difficult to display a typical photo of Daniel - he looks different every time you see him. :) But this photo is one that makes me think of Mr. Voyager - even when it's not him.

If you don't know Daniel you should.....let me share a few of the things I know:

  • October 31, 2009 is his 3rd RezDay. Most of the past 3 years were spent on the teen grid - he matured to the Main Grid last December.
  • Daniel shares. He shares his time with newcomers to the grid. He shares his photos and experiences on the grid with everyone. He shares information and he shares goodwill.
  • Daniel works very very hard. In fact, when I look at what he achieves I'm exhausted. I don't know how he does it.
  • Daniel is positive. I've never seen him post anything negative or mean spirited. He has a friendly, helpful and sincere way of seeing the world and interacting with it and the rest of us.
  • Daniel loves Second Life.
  • Daniel is a gift to the grid and to us, its residents.

I'm very pleased that I've had the privilege to call Daniel a friend. Happy RezDay my friend

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Burning Life 09 - Burning the Temple

I missed Burning the Man this year - but for the first time I made it to Burning the Temple. And oh what temple it was/is! Damanios Thetan is one of my favourite builders in SL and always has been.

Damanios was at the Burn and I have to admit I totally fangurled him. He was very polite about it. :)

I look forward to seeing his temple every year and this year did not disappoint.

It should still be available to visit for the next few days ..... so if you haven't seen it yet go visit before it disappears.

The burn was visually appealing but also emotionally challenging. People had left messages in the Temple all week and these were read out and burned as part of the ceremony. Many of the messages were heart wrenching - I hope those individuals received some measure of peace from the process.

So Burning Life 09 is over. I loved my time there and I thank all of those who spent so many hours making it happen and sharing their art and music with the rest of us.

The Burning the Temple ceremony was the only occasion in which I experienced lag at Burning Life. That's entirely due to the fact that I open the map and choose locations which are pretty empty of people. This allows me to poke around without system issues and at the same time find interesting but lesser known installations. I've shared some of what I found with you this past week and it was very self serving. It gave me a reason to spend time somewhere I truly enjoyed. We'll do it again next year. :)

Burning Life 09 - Fembots and Snakes

Well there are more than two installations covered in this post - but they represent a very large cross section of the interesting finds at Burning Life 09. The photo above is of the Fembot EggBounce and Pangirl Fries! by Maya Paris & L1Aura Loire. Lots of fun and many things to do - they packed a great deal into this little space.

I liked climbing around on the Moon Rocket - unfortunately I was prevented from flying it. Just as well - their insurance probably didn't cover me.

I mentioned snakes .... not usually something I associate with art or really intriguing structures. But Sekhmet's Serpentunes is a fabulous build.

Cienega Soon has a really interesting installation called ..Out of the Box Not Allowed?. Her talent and skill are well displayed!

Finally for this post I'd like to introduce you to Judgment's Eternal Struggle ...I have to admit that as a builder I spent more time analyzing the construction than I did contemplating the message. But I enjoyed it!

Update: Apparently I read the schedule wrong - and still might be for that matter. I think I've missed the man burn but will be able to see the Temple Burn at 7:45 pm SLT on Oct. 25.

Burning Life 09 - The Burning Woman by AuraKyo Insoo

It's the last day of Burning Life 09 and I've been remiss in posting the past couple of days. I'll have a more general post later but I need you to know this - if you only see one installation at BL this year make it The Burning Woman by AuraKyo Insoo. You will be glad you did!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Burning Life 09 - Cool and Strange

I've always wanted to play a Carillon and I got my chance at Burning Life. The Carillon by Kithara Associates (Oriscus "Oz" Zauberflote and FreeWee Ling) lets you play the bells - you touch the key and the appropriate bell chimes. The only preprogrammed music is the Westminster Chimes which play every quarter hour. Cool!

There are many camps set up of course but the Watchtower Camp is one of the most intricate I stumbled upon. After you've looked at the cute yet twisted scenes on the ground you can take a ride up to the viewing platform.

Then if you're really brave, make your way to the top and ride the chairs.

128 m in the air!

The Gridhikers Fire is a little more grounded - well in an underwater sort of way.

The Palmyra Theater by Lavia Dufaux is beautiful - the things you can do with cardboard!

The next photo is of **TRANSENDENCE** by Sand Castle Studios. I'll let you read their description: " It takes the form of a large head shedding its human form and transcending to a technologically advanced soul/spirit." (ok fine)

The Star Trek Bridge & Shuttle Launch Control is always fun and I've been meaning to get my shuttle pilot hours in. So I tp'ed up to one of the ships.

There were three people there ahead of me fighting off some major threat and they shouted at me to come and help.

Unfortunately I was outside the door and it wouldn't open. I did get the following message though: "We are the Borg, your existence as you know it is over, we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own."

Oh dear........

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Burning Life 09 - The Elfinator and Fractals

I didn't have enough time to spend in Burning Life today to do a long post but I did find two places I really think you should know about (if you don't already).

You're probably wondering how the two of these relate - well they relate in part because they're next to each other in Burning Life. But they have other things in common as well:

  • They both have a way of giving you a sense of calm and well being.
  • They both bring you something and allow you to transform in some measure.
  • They are both worth a visit.

The Drum Circle and Elfinator is a place you're going to want to spend some time. DrFran Babcock is the builder and your gracious host. :) Once you arrive, it becomes very difficult to leave - isn't there something about Elves and the passage of time? Chance it anyway....go explore your inner elf, play the drums, dance and most importantly, ride the Elfinator. I swear my "voice is active" white dot was moving around in time with the music.

One of my secret passions is fractals. The symmetry of the math appeals to me and the beauty of the fractals themselves is inspiring. So I was predisposed to like the Filaments of Life/Filaments of Light installation. But admit it - it's gorgeous!

Kerryth Tarantal has built this cathedral of light from fractal images and I loved it. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Burning Life 09 - A Dangerous Place To Be!

You know, you expect flames here and there at Burning Life...luckily they have a Fire Brigade to keep on top of the situation. But you may not realize all of the other (and hidden) dangers that lurk.

Take for example a nice interlude on the swings in a playground.....would you expect fighter jets to start using you for target practice?

This guy was caught unawares.

I don't want this to happen to you, dear reader, so I'm posting just a few of the potential hazards waiting for you in Burning Life 09. Be careful out there!

Somewhere, roaming the playa is a giant. You can tell because this is her breakfast table (they say it's a stage but I know better).......

and I don't think she's in a very good mood because she's lost a shoe.

Apparently life in Second Life is verging on extinction - a VisionQuest is required or "the people will perish". Seems simple enough - just walk the maze to the center. We can all do that for the good of our fellow residents.....right?

What they don't tell you is that there are 4 possible destinations once you have your vision. Believe me, Heaven is just one of the potential landing spots.

You can try going with a group of in numbers right? This guy did...

His choice of friends might have been an error in judgement.

One of his colleagues has already been trampled underfoot!

So by all means go to Burning Life 09 - it's a great adventure. But try to get home safely!

Burning Life 09 - Man vs Woman Mashup!

Beauty combined with wit is always a delight and that's what you get with the Man Versus Woman Helix Tower Mashup! by Scarp Godenot. This is a gorgeous and interactive build you climb. Here and there are platforms with competing quotes from men and women about men and women.

I really enjoyed the journey and so did everybody else I saw doing it. Well worth your time!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Burning Life 09 - What a "Trip"

I would not normally inhale unknown substances but, for you the reader, I decided I'd better try it just in case your health and welfare were at stake. I suspect the person who built the Berlin Stage may have tried the same thing....but wow it was worth it!

The world started to get a little mystical .....

and then it got a little creepy......

and then really creepy, but I focused (in a blurry way) on trying to save the world from destruction.

This guy really pissed me off ......

I normally obey signs that say "Don't Feed the Bird" but I guess the fumes were getting to me....

... and I'm pretty sure I could have climbed these stairs successfully if I hadn't been in a slightly mind altered state.

But I really knew I was in trouble when I started to live out the lyrics to a Jefferson Airplane song.

I think I'll go take a nap...or maybe have a snack.