Monday, September 5, 2011

Breaking News! Tortoise-deniers Murder Innocent Blogger in Second Life

New Jessie  (general)

I tried.  I really did.  On behalf of you, Dear Readers, I will face my fears and venture into regions known to embody all the things on that long list of activities that terrify me.  Being a true coward they are not hard to find.  But I have limits and once that threshold is met I retreat - no grace or nobility involved.  Viewed from any distance I will look like the craven, whimpering wuss I am. 

Today I went to visit New Jessie.  I knew in advance it was a combat sim and expected (well hoped) to be able to wear a Visitor tag while I explored.  There wasn't one.  My fallback wish was that people would be so busy with each other that I could just slip in, take some photos and escape before they knew I was there.  You can guess what happened.

New Jessie  (general)

The landing spot for this combat sim provides a helpful globe showing the related regions around the grid where you can engage in the "fun" of killing each other.  I should have been less willing to venture into the main build "The Glorious Socialist Workers' City of Stalingrad" because that globe is, of course, a lie.  The grid is actually flat and moves through the metaverse on the back of a giant turtle. Tortoise-deniers can't be trusted to honour the neutrality of innocent bloggers.  The little brats.

New Jessie has a tricky teleporter down to the main city - it's random.  I usually try and tp to an area devoid of combatants but that wasn't in my power today.  For those of you new to my adventures I have a rule.  Kill me three times and I give up.   sigh  I managed to get one photograph in the main area before my third death and it's not a very good shot.  It's up to you to try and see the rest of this build.  Next time I'll go find a place with pretty flowers and pixies.  They're not as homicidal.

New Jessie  (general)


Miso Susanowa said...

Whatever happened to that nice Marine you were hanging out with? I told you the Golden Rule before: Frag unto others before they can frag unto thee. However, we are willing to give you a Purple Heart for Effort.

Back to Boot Camp for you, Missy!

Honour McMillan said...

@Miso /me sulks
It's not my fault - they snuck up behind me. And that nice Marine met a female ninja and took off. :(

Laura18 Streeter said...

awwww... but the piccies are great Honour! Good job :)

Liana Pera said...

Hey Honour,
Turtle-back beliefs aside, you are correct when you say it can be tough to wander New Jessie freely without getting shot. Staying elevated and out of the streets tends to reduce your death rate by at least 10 seconds!
If you ever want a tour we'd be happy to help.(Prevention of injury is not guaranteed.)

Thanks for stopping by the people's Republic!

Honour McMillan said...

@Liana LOL 10 seconds? I'll think about it :)