Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Copybotting Steampunk in Second Life?

Neverland Back in Time (moderate)

I'm no expert, and I'm certainly not qualified to be an investigative journalist, but when I saw this series of photos on Koinup (showing one creator's claims of copybotting)  I thought I'd check out the sim.

I also don't have a photographic memory so I don't remember every steampunk creation I've seen.  This is a gorgeous build but one of the first things I encountered did look familiar and Jenne Dibou is definitely not the creator's name when you inspect the above objects, which is odd. (note: that arrow is part of the installation, I didn't add it)  If you look at the next photo from Forgotten City she's definitely the one given credit.

If I were a steampunk builder I'd go wander around Neverland Back in Time just to see what I could find.

Forgotten City (general)


Amanda Shinji said...

Definitely a copy...

Anonymous said...

Hrmph. When I see stolen content I report it back to the person I believe it to be stolen from. Always will. On OpenSim grids it basically becomes a pasttime. Just ask the two Ms. Hearts.

When the thieves start ranting that copying isn't theft just point them to , and maybe suggest they get a lawyer.

Good catch, but expect ire. Rippers are very vocal about "being left alone" and "mind your own business." Of course, it is (and should be) everyone's business. :-)

Honour McMillan said...

Oh I let Jenne know - but the sim is full of stuff that represents many builders. My visual memory isn't good enough to identify them all. :)

I did ar the "creator" though.