Sunday, September 25, 2011

Burn2 2011 is coming to Second Life

I'm not going to moan about not being around and not blogging.  What I will do though is say Burn2 is so far exhilarating, exhausting and occasionally maddening but it's an awful lot of fun.  I think you'll have a very good time.  I will solemnly swear to post something very cool later this week and share some exciting news.  In the meantime, watch the latest promo video (by Bubblepop Unplugged & Catzi Pearl) and if  you wish to attend the Press Day see Ches' and Uccie's posts and come on down. :)

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TonoplayFriends said...

Yupiii it makes me so happy! I love Burning Man SL, a lot of culture and good musics in the same place. I can't visit the real burn in RL, because it's too far, but I can be in SL =)
I did this movie last year, with performance of ColeMarie Soleil. Her voice is fantastic.

Thank you very much for bring us this information.