Thursday, September 1, 2011

Up in the Air with Art & Cuckoos in Second Life

Aire Ville Spatiale (general)

I love the art you can find in Second Life.  I love the fact that, unlike many of us who resort to drama or emo hissy fits, artists channel their "crazy" into something often amazing and give the rest of us a journey to experience.  What my two readers have learned though is that I'm not knowledgeable about "art" and its metaphors or symbolism.  In other words - I can't explain it, I can just point you towards what I've found and suggest you go visit.  Today is a very good example.  :)

There is a new group of exhibits at Aire Ville Spaciale by Oberon Onmura, Marc Moana (his rl avatar is Marc Blieux) and Marc in collaboration with Maya Paris & Typote Beck. When you land at the main landing spot you'll see an installation by Yona Friedman and receive a notecard with teleport locations for the newer works.

Aire Ville Spatiale (general)

As a photographer I'm very slow - I have no future capturing "action" shots because by the time I have all the sliders and settings where I want them the image is long gone.  That weakness was brought home to me while I visited SynchroniCity because it keeps changing dammit!  I'd see this fabulous construct and work to try and get what might be a reasonable photo only to have it vanish before I could click on the camera.

There's a giant planet and then there isn't.  There's a phenomenally large tower and it disappears to be gradually replaced by a variety of cool builds (that's technical art terminology, really!) and then they vanish.

Aire Ville Spatiale (general)

I admit I got confused about where I was and in which exhibit at some points.  Figuring out what to look at and when made me feel like I was always a step behind where I was meant to be but, and it's a big but, I loved it.

I can't sound like I know what I'm talking about when I describe the art, because I don't.  However, I have travelled a lot in this fair world and there are many places which don't make me feel like I want to stay and see everything and experience all that I can.  The works I found on Aire Ville Spatiale captured my attention completely - trying to see everything was somehow absurd but compelling.

Aire Ville Spatiale (general)

Having said all of this I did have a favourite exhibit.  Marc's Cuckoo (which is actually built in The Aviary by Dekka Raymaker) is magical and The Aviary itself is fabulous (and I reached this conclusion before I discovered a free gift avatar by alpha.tribe!). 

There's a lot to see and absorb.  I did a great deal of the former and I'm still working on the latter.  I recommend that you go visit these exhibits - I'm not bad a finding things but I'll leave it to you to grasp their meaning. :)

By the time I found myself reclining on top of a giant bird's perch I was exhausted.  Go forth and see what you can discover at Aire Ville Spatiale.

Aire Ville Spatiale (general)

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