Friday, April 17, 2009

Get Top Scripts - urp!

Even if you don't own land you know that lag is a huge problem and something that land owners spend countless hours worrying about and managing (well, they do if they care anyway). One of the problems with Taylor Bay when I first started renting there was the horrendous lag. This was caused primarily by the number of "high cost" active scripts running in some of the stores on the island (the arms dealer for example). When I first bought it I checked, and the total cost of the scripts on the island was about 14 ms. Understand, the recommended level to keep lag low is 3 ms.

Jon and I are the only two left on Taylor Bay and our total script cost runs about .8 ms. Very nice. :)

The latest version of Second Life allows us to see not only the top scripts of the objects on the island but also the avatars. When I went in this morning and checked top scripts, the total cost had more than doubled to almost 1.8 ms. I was the culprit.

Doesn't look like a script heavy avatar does it? I hid behind a hill and stripped down and then added components so I could find the problem areas. My ao accounts for .04 ms even when it's turned off. But that doesn't seem like a big deal.

The real problem is my hair. One of the reasons I chose my hair is that it kept my ARC under 450. So I thought this would mean I was a low impact avatar.

The script cost for my hair is .93 ms. More than both of our stores combined. ugh!

So I checked the script cost for one of the hairstyles I had rejected because of its ARC.

I never even got around to sizing this hair before I realized its ARC was 2200. Way higher than I'm willing to accept. However, when I tested it under the "Get Top Scripts" function it didn't register.

I went back to my regular hair and checked, and sure enough there was a retexturing script in it. I deleted the script and checked again and there really wasn't much difference. Of course that was because I deleted the script in the linked object. The problem is that there are two copies of an apparently unnecessary script in every strand of my hair. Every single strand.

I'm deleting the little buggers one at a time. I like my hair. I'm just not willing to live with all this ^*(&#%)*^$ script.

The moral of this tale is that those fashionistas creating all the wonderful clothes, hair etc. for the rest of us have got to be more responsible and more careful. Also, we land owners have to be a little understanding if we decide to blast somebody for having a high script cost. They might very well have no idea that anything they're wearing has 510 copies of a useless script in it.



Dale Innis said...

Haha oops. I wonder what those 610 scripts were actually doing? Probably constantly checking if someone wanted them to change the texture of their own special lock of hair. Silly!

Honour McMillan said...

I've avoided giving my opinion of script so far this post. But trust me - I'm muttering under my breath! :)

Also I rechecked my math - it's 255 prims X 2 so it's 510 copies. I wouldn't want to be accused of exaggerating. :)

R. said...

Scripts - The New Lice!

Honour McMillan said...

Well now that you mention it - what I'm doing does resemble a monkey grooming her mate. :)

Chestnut Rau said...

wow. This post is an eye-opener Honour. Thanks for educating me today.

Shockwave Plasma said...

Personally I think it's time you had some longer hair.

Honour McMillan said...

lol yes cause that would make everything better!