Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Rezzable King Tut - Preview

If you don't belong to the SL Things To Do group, well you should (and check out the website). I don't know how Jenn has the time/energy to do everything she does in RL and SL but I'm willing to take advantage of her willingness to do it. :)

If you did belong you would have received a notice and landmark to the Rezzable King Tut preview. And you would have seen these sights.

Remember that this is still a preview - it's not finished. But it is fun to look around and I'm impressed by a lot of what I see. I'm not showing you everything here - I think it's only fair that you go check it out yourself. If I see little things I'm not crazy about - well they are few and far between. It is another terrific build by the Rezzable folks and will be deservedly successful.


Lokum Shilova said...

nicely captured photos! Glad you have liked the new sim. We have long been waiting to share this with the SL community

Anonymous said...

rather than use the slurls (which show a boring, inaccurate map ;0 ) maybe it is better to point people to the directory page?

They can leave comments and there is more info there.

Also, we have opened this directory to everyone and there is tons of listings and photos

thanks visiting--regards, RaR