Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adventures in RC 1.23

I enjoy exploring the new Release Candidates because you find new and interesting functionality and sometimes cute little bugs. I don't panic about the bugs .... you know there will be hysterical JIRA's etc and most if not all will be fixed before it loses its Candidate status.

I played with the edit menu a bit to see if there were any changes:

  • You'll see a couple of changes to the edit pages in the photo up above - one is that they moved the text about # of prims/objects to the top part - so it doesn't matter what page you're on you can see it. I like this one a lot.
  • One thing that I haven't adapted to yet is a change in the pie menu - I tried to take a photo but couldn't. When I right clicked on my hair and chose edit - I got appearance. That's because edit is moved to the next page - you access it with the more button. This isn't true for everything - seems to be only for my attachments or things I'm wearing.

There was a plurk yesterday linking to a blog post which was all excited about alpha layers in skins etc. Nobody seemed to take it seriously. However, you'll note the alpha channel on my eyelashes seems to be missing. That's going to cause some angst. :)

One of the things I'm still poking at is that purple blob in the photo up top. That's one of those weird angles you can get on an object using your camera - but it's the first time I've seen purple objects inside my head. If that's what I've got I have to wonder what Crap will find. :)

I'm going back to see what else I can find. :)

Update: This is really really creepy!

It's amazing how we get used to things. Look at that photo of the map - notice anything missing? There are no green dots. In fact, there are no green dots anywhere on the map.

I feel like I'm all alone in SecondLife. There's an echo!

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