Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cypress Rosewood Benefit Concert - May 7, 2010

I received this poster and the following notecard this evening:

Over the past weekend Cypress Rosewood lost his home and shop to the devastating floods in Nashville Tenn. Friends of Cypress have responded and are calling for a benefit held this Fri Please note times we hope you can stop by and give some support to one of SLs' beloved musicians.

Just look at the line up of great SL Musicians appearing at the benefit:

  • Von Johin
  • Arman Finesmith
  • Skye Galaxy
  • Senjata Witt
  • Frets Nirvana
  • Gina Stella
  • Anek Fuchs
  • Bluemonk Rau
  • Joaquin Gustav
  • Kolor Fall
  • Zachh Cale
  • Moondoggirl Moomintoog

This has been a tough year in terms of disasters and a tough one economically. It's been tougher on some than others. We can't fix all the problems of the world or make all the bad stuff go away but we can help one of our own. The fact that we can also enjoy an amazing lineup of musicians is the gravy. :)

If you can make it to Mardi Gras Park on Friday, May 7 and help out Cypress then I hope you do so. Please share this with your friends!

Update: Delinda Dyrssen is apparently organizing a Benefit for Cypress on Saturday night. If you can't make it on Friday (or even if you can) then this will be another opportunity to help Cypress. Check her blog which will (I'm sure) have more information as it becomes available.

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Delinda Dyrssen said...

yes saw the message from Cypress today that said.. "With the exception of my music gear with me doing the concert in Atlanta, we probably have lost 95% of our belongings & 100% of our office."
I am in the process of organizing a similar event for Cypress on Saturday Night at The Pocket